The Beginning

I am known for trying a million things and then quitting every single one of them. Six weeks ago I decided that quitting was not good enough any more. One of my friends started working out at local gym about a year ago and had ever since been urging my to come along some time to try it out. I liked the experience but the gym membership was way too expensive and I decided not to join. Then in late August I rediscovered running. I went in head over heels and started running 4 times I week. I enjoyed being outside and the feeling after my workouts but when the days got colder there was always an excuse to stay home. Days became weeks and then months and before I knew it 2014 had arrived. Meanwhile my friend was still working out at the gym and had moved up to become a Grit instructor. Yet again he urged me along. I muttered some refusals: too expensive, no time etc., but still I went. And I loved it! But would I be willing to do anything with it?

Late last year, with 2014 approaching, I started doing my favorite thing: make resolutions, to do list, list of things to see, list of things to do, a list of all my lists. I am that kind of person. I always write down dozens of things to do and never actually do them. January went by, I turned 22 and still I was doing nothing, not doing the things I really said I wanted to do. Then on February 13th I decided things would finally change. For so long I want to accomplish all sorts of things and now I am going to finally work for them. So on February 13th I went to the gym, and signed up. This time seeing the high membership fees as a motivator for me to really go to the gym. This time I would not go in, work out for 5 days a week and then quit again. This time would be different.

It is different. Today is March 21st, almost 6 weeks since I first started working out again. I had vowed never to run again but I have running again for 6 weeks, each week adding more time and more mileage. Finally I see what exercise can do for me. With the sign-up for the gym came a fat percentage measurement. I have a healthy weight, so I did not sign up for weight loss, but despite the happy numbers of the scale, I was shocked by the result of the fat measurements. Although it is just a machine, and therefore the numbers are not very accurate, my fat percentage was close to unhealthy. I have never considered myself too big but that put my right back on earth. Since leaving my parents house almost 4 years ago I have gained some weight, but most unfortunately gained lots of unhealthy eating habits as well. That darn scale as really opened my eyes and has become my second motivator. I do not want to be unhealthy, and I am therefore ready to make a change. As I would really like to keep motivating myself, I am not only keeping an exercise journal but this blog will hopefully also serve as an inspiration for my journey to finally accomplish all the things I have been saying for years I will.

Jirrine, 22, novice.


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