Fresh produce and Nutella Energy Bites

Today is a really pretty day so I ventured out with my boyfriend to stock up on some fresh fruits at the farmers market. On the way there we decided to go to a new biological store that opened up a couple of weeks ago. Since we planned on making some delicious but healthy snacks this afternoon that store seemed like the best place to find the ingredients. I am fairly new to healthy snacking so everything is still done by trail and error but it is fun to try some new recipes rather than always eat things from a box. In the city where I live healthy and biological food is sometimes still considered to be alternative and I did not really know what to expect upon entering. I was really surprised by the store. It is really beautiful! They have a lot of ingredients that are not available elsewhere in my city so that is a big plus. And despite the rarity of the products most were really affordable. For today’s recipe we needed flax seeds, chia seeds and hazelnuts. The flax seeds and hazelnuts were available for a good price but man those chia seeds are expensive! Apparently there is a really high demand for chia seeds worldwide which means that the prices are quite high. Since I don’t even know if I am going to like the entire seed business I decided to stick to flax seeds this time. It did however really like the store so I will be going back there. Especially since it is only a 2 minute walk! At the farmers market we bought a little pineapple and some cheese. I love cheese, and the most convenient thing about fresh cheese is that they can cut it just the size you like. Which means, I get just enough to last us a week so that we can try something new next week. Both me and the boyfriend really like fresh products and we hoping to making a trip to the market a weekly thing.

Yes, that is cat and a pineapple

Yes, that is cat and a pineapple

This afternoon we proceeded to make Nutella Bites. They are basically just balls of Nutella, oats, honey, hazelnuts and flax seeds. I am pretty excited as they are very quick and easy to make. And they are absolutely delicious! We made an entire plate of them so we have enough chocolate heaven to last us for a week.

Nutella Energy Bites

I do not really have plans for the rest of the day, except for some leftover pasta from last night and perhaps an extensive session of surfing the internet. Tomorrow it is workout day again. I can’t wait!

Jirrine, nutella-lover, cat(s)-owner


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