Training for my first 5k

Yesterday it was a miserable day weather wise. The tons of rain falling from the sky made my choice for staying inside and being a lazy couch potato very justified. One of my recent favorite things to do is skimming fitness related blogs. I get so much inspiration from reading all those people that train for and accomplish their running/fitness goals! With every blog post I read I felt more miserable about the rain outside. I want to exercise, I don’t want to create any excuses for myself anymore. Before I knew it several hours had passed and what do you know: it stopped raining. Within 3 minutes I had changed into my running clothes ready to head outside. Best choice I have made all day! I was so nice to go and do it. I am currently training for my first 5k and hope to finally accomplish one of my goals. When running last year I had enthusiastically signed up for a race only to be half prepared on race day and seeing my dreams of finishing vanished into thin air. But this time will be different!

Right now I training both inside and outside. Last Tuesday I managed to do a 21 minute run on the treadmill. I have never been able to run that much all at once. However, all the conditions are different outside. With the help of Map My Run I created a small training route that I can use to measure my progress. My goal for yesterday was to run the smallest of the loops, a small 3,2 km all at once. This small loop equals about 22 minutes in running which is the same amount of time I can pull of at the treadmill right now. And you know what? I did it! I am so damn proud of myself for finally pushing through and running it. Here is the proof:

Run of 22 March
The race I want to participate in at the end of April (the 21st to be precise!) so I still have enough time to properly train for my first run. I feel very confident this time and I am ready to finally cross that finish line and be a runner. Now  I am going to head out to the farmers market and stock up on some fruits :).

Jirrine, believer, runner


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