Lots of hail and a little bit of running

Since yesterday was a rest day I felt eager this morning to go outside for a run. Everything was so pretty outside when I woke up! Although a Sunday I was up quite early as my boyfriend had to leave for a football match (soccer!) and I decided to get up as well. Since I wanted to lounge in bed for a while before truly enjoying the weather outside I made the deal with myself to go running around 12. I should have known then that was a dumb idea. After a finishing a very good book and some more surfing on the web I peeked outside. What do you know, no more sun. It got ever worse 5 minutes later as there was heavy thunder coming over. Despite all the ruckus it remained dry so I just hoped for the best. And yes, another 5 minutes later and the sun shone again. No time wasted there, a quick change and outside I went to repeat the same run I did Friday. That run had felt comfortable and very doable so I just wanted to do it again to see how it went now.

Only 3 minutes in it started to drizzle. No biggie, a little rain is not going to kill me. 7 minutes in I felt that my stomach was too empty. I always get an ache in my stomach when it runs on little fuel. At the halfway point that drizzle turned into a full out hailstorm. And it hurt! It was no use walking though, because this was the farthest point from home, I might as well just run back. I almost made to my door but I had to stop running briefly two times. The combination of a wet sweater and my empty stomach was no fun and I just had to stop for a breather.

When I arrived home I felt so disappointed: Friday the run was excellent and I felt great about it and now only 2 days later I am struggling again with the same run. But now I realize that I should not be unhappy about it. Although I knew that I would probably get rained upon I still went out and ran. I am just going to keep on trying to run that damn run until it feels good enough to go a little bit farther. Needless to say this run was a little bit slower than Friday’s but a run nonetheless. I run with a Nike Plus sensor in my shoe, which I love! As long as it is connected to my phone it tracks my runs perfectly. These are today’s stats:

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy. I did manage to eat some lunch! Just a quick grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of a tea and a kiwi. Meanwhile checking out Run Eat Repeat. Damn she inspires me!


And I managed to hang out with this guy, my little furball. He seems very happy to be with me.

For dinner I faced a little bit of a problem. We were planning to eat broccoli with some meat and potatoes but I forgot to pull any meat from the freezer. Since I really don’t like to defrost meat in the microwave and we had nothing really edible on the house we settled on eating grilled cheese sandwiches (again..). But for dessert I am now greatly enjoying a pineapple banana smoothie. See how happy I am? I just threw a small pineapple, 1 banana en some milk in the blender and voila, nice shot of vitamins.

IMG_2295It not too late yet so we might go out for a little post dinner walk and then settle in for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow we are taking an early train to Amsterdam for a little trip. Have a nice night!

Jirrine, pineapple-lover, already-in-pajamas-at-7


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