Trip to Amsterdam and nice food

Today, Monday,  is Amsterdam day! I am really excited to be gone from home for two days. I might only be a short trip but it are trips like these that are the most fun because you really get to do things other than the normal stuff! We woke up at 8 and we could be fairly laid back because we had more than an hour before the train left. The train ride to Amsterdam is about 2 hours so not that bad. For breakfast I had a banana and Caesar chicken sandwich. Around 11.30 we arrived in Amsterdam. We were both fairly hungry so we went to get a Subway sandwich. Normally I’d go for the a Chicken something sandwich but since we were splitting a large sub I decided to try the Steak and Cheese (the boyfriend’s favorite!). It is actually pretty good! With all the veggies on it, it was a healthy option as well.

Plans were to go to the Apple Store to get the boyfriend’s laptop fixed. Unfortunately my sense of direction left me hanging since we walked in the opposite direction of where we needed to go. Well, at least we did some walking and some sightseeing. Normally I would have researched every minute of this trip but I decided to be a little bit more like my boyfriend by just going with it. I must say that I quite enjoy not knowing where we are precisely going. We got the chance to walk along a street known for its many market stands. There wasn’t anything I would really want to buy but it was fun to see it. After checking the phone for some directions we decided to walk to the Apple Store because that laptop was getting heavy in the backpack. Apparently you have to make an appointment to get a laptop checked out which meant that we had been carrying the thing around for nada. We have to go back tomorrow which kinda sucks. After that failure we decided to do the fun thing were actually came to Amsterdam for: visit the newly renovated Rijksmuseum which harbors many great Dutch paintings.


The museum had the honor of hosting Barack Obama just this morning! I have stood where Obama stood just hours before. Probably the closest I will ever get to the man. The museum was really interesting, but the massive overload of information meant that we had to get some snacks before continuing. There was a cafe (way overpriced) in the museum were I got some orange juice and a slice of apple pie. Its ‘mini-vacation’ so its fine!


By the time we got out of the museum it was nearly 4. Since we had agreed to eat at my aunt and uncle’s house at 6.30 we had some time left. The hotel we are staying in was not to far away so we decided to check in and drop our bags. This hotel is pretty! Really one of the nicest hotels I have ever slept in. Luckily this night is free (the boyfriend won this hotel stay at work) else we students could not have afforded it. After a 10 minute break we had to leave again since my aunt and uncle live on the opposite end of the city center. We arrived at 6.30 sharply. My uncle cooked a really nice dinner. Some noodles with veggies and a nice sauce. As dessert we had coffee-ice, which I could have skipped cause that is probably loaded with calories. As a thank-you for having us for dinner I had brought some of the Nutella energy bites I made Saturday. Of course I couldn’t resist and I ate a couple of those. I hope they don’t mind. Around 10.30 we left since I hate the dark especially in a city I don’t know. Luckily we were at the hotel in no time were we are not enjoying the comfy bed. I better get some sleep now! We want to do lots of stuff tomorrow! (Oh, I might have or have not just finished a bag of crisps. Oops..)

Jirrine, never looking in the camera, huge fan of apple pie


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