Week 13 – Goals and Schedule

Since this blog is mainly functioning as my outlet and as a way of inspiring myself, it seems like a great idea to set myself some goals each week. I am a list person so any goal type oriented thing makes me really eager to cross things off! Since I am now mainly focusing on running because I want to run my first 5k next month, the majority of my exercise routing consists of running. Monday and Tuesday have already passed, and since I have been away from home  I did not exercise and I also didn’t eat very healthy. I have three goals for this week:
1) Cook every night (except for Thursday when I am taking my mom out for dinner but I will pick something healthy then.)
2) Try 3 new healthy snacking options from my pinterest board
3) Visit the gym three times

I know that when I cook I eat way less that we eat take out or get a pizza. I really don’t eat a lot at all for dinner so I tend to overeat quickly when the portions are not up to me. In combination with the healthy snacking I should get rid of some of the bad stuff I at in the last two days when I was away from home. The last goals is mostly there to make sure I go to the gym instead of going for a run all the time.

My schedule for the rest of the week is the following:
Wednesday – Run to the gym, 1 hour of Poweryoga, run back home (4km total)
Thursday – 30 minute Gritt class
Friday – rest day
Saturday – Neila Rey’s 90 days of Action day 3 (which is an ab workout) + 3,5 – 4 km run
Sunday – 90 days of Action day 4 or a short run

Hopefully I manage to complete everything and up my running mileage!


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