Mini Haul and exciting news

Yesterday was my second day in Amsterdam and I knew I could not leave without doing some shopping. Now that I am back into excercise and running there is one thing that I really miss: more workout clothes. Up until yesterday I owned only one sportsbra and one running tank and I always seem to forget to wash those just when I need them.  I would be wise for me to buy them in Amsterdam because the choice here in Groningen (Northern Netherlands) is limited. My mission was therefore to at least get my hands on a new tank top and a new sport bra. H&M is one of my favorite stores to go for workout gear. The quality is good and is much cheaper than Nike clothing and they have rapidly changing assortment of clothes and colors. If I go there next month they have totally different stuff which makes it fun to see what’s new. I managed to score both a new tank and a new sportbra. The tank is neon orange and I love it because orange is my favorite color! Trying it on made me so happy that I knew I had to have it.


I also found a cute sportbra in neon pink/silver. Both were really cheap, the tank was €10 and the bra was €15. That is less than 20 dollars for the two items!

Since I am getting back into running and want to stick with it for the long haul I bought two beginners running guides. I started reading one last night and it has ton of great tips for runners and also has some great motivational stories and events in the back. I might even get some great ideas for races I want to participate in. The other guide is pretty large and also feautures apps and workout gear that might be useful to invest in. I have not gotten the chance to read that one but I really makes me eager to go out there and run again (and I will, tonight!).

Then other exciting news: yesterday evening I signed up for two races. The first one is the Culemborg City Run 5k that I have talked about in my post about training for my first 5K. I knew I planned on doing it but yesterday I decided to just sign up. That makes it a lot harder to back out. The race is on Monday April 21st, the Netherlands has a second Easter day, and is in the city where my high school was located so I should be fun to go back there, as I haven’t been there for a couple of years. Although that race is exciting in itself, as it is going to be my first race, I immediately did something even scarier by signing up for a 10K. Whoops… When I was in the Nike store yesterday I saw a flyer for a women’s running event that they organized last year where 20,000 women participated in. This year they are going to organize the race again. The race is called: We Own the Night Women’s 10K.


The race is ran partially in darkness and women are participating in 5 European cities at the same time. Since it seems like such an awesome experience to be part of I decided to just be crazy and sign up for it. Included in the fee is a tshirt which all participants need to wear to the race so that everyone is really part of something big and unique! While I signed up I needed to pick my level and I chose beginner. This means that I also go a beginner 8 week running schedule which is hopefully really going to help me in finishing that race. I must say that signing up for the races really makes me very excited. I know that in a 2 weeks there is local 4,6k race which I might participate in. I do however not have to worry about signing up just yet as you can only sign up on the day of the race itself. I am going to try to be ready because I don’t know if I want to wait until April 21st for my first race!


Thank you for your comment! I love to read them :)

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