Reaching goals and Sushi

Yesterday and today have been great workout wise. Yesterdag evening the boyfriend and I went for a run. The original plan was to run to the gym, go for an hour of Poweryoga and then run back. He did not feel like going to the gym and by the time we finished dinner it was really too late to make the class anyway. Instead we decided to wait a bit for the food to sink in and then go for a run. I had decided to go very slow and try to maintain pace throughout the 4k run I had planned. The boyfriend agreed to run the same distance but we did both run our own pace. In practice this means that within 2 minutes I could not even see him anymore. So much for running together, haha. Maintaining my pace worked out really well. Without any problems I reached the halfway point. Despite the fact that I did not feel out of breath or tired I did walk for some 5o metres to add a little bit of an interval. The second 2k was just as easy as the first. The last 300 metres home I upped the pace to see what I still had left. Appears that I had quite a bit. Despite all the energy I had left I felt that I’ve found a pace  in which I can run for a long time. It might be slow but I am still running. After reaching the 5k I am going to work on lowering my pace time but sofar I am really happy with my progress. Especially since in my last run on Sunday I barely managed to do 3k. This distance is the longest I have ran in over a year so excellent progress. Maybe this time I finally run that darn 5k!

Run 26 maart 2014
I was really happy with my run. The one thing that I did not enjoy was the serious belly ache I got after the run. I needed some food but there was nothing substantial to be found anywhere. Fortunately I managed to get to sleep quite fast.

This morning I had a test so I had to leave quite early but this afternoon was filled with fun! My mom arrived around 3. She lives about 2 hours away (which is a lot in the Netherlands!) so she came to stay the night. She is currently crashing on my couch ;). My mom is really a great example for me. She has been working out regularly for the last 7/8 years and she has pretty bad ass strenght. One of my goals is to be just as strong as her (and maybe just become a little bit stronger!). When I go home I workout at her gym but today we went to my gym. One of the best classes at my gym is the Les Mills Grit class. It is 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) and absolutely killing. This week was a mix class were two previous releases were mixed because on 12 april the new release will be introduced. The last couple of weeks before the new release they like to mix things up to keep the muscles guessing. This class was filled with a lot of jumps and burpees. I love to hate those but they are super exercises for endurance. We were both pretty tired after the class but I am glad we went to burn calories because we went out for dinner tonight.

My mom’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and since she did not know what she wanted for her birthday the boyfriend and I decided to treat her to dinner as a gift. Two streets over there is Chinese/Japanese kitchen fushion restaurant where they also serve sushi. I have never tried sushi before and since it one of the things that I really want to try this year I thought this to be as good a time as any to just try. Since it was an All You Can Eat type restaurant you could order 5 items per person per round. In total you could do 5 rounds as long as you stayed within 2,5 hours.


I tried three types of Sushi: a tuna role, a crab role and chicken role. Unfortunately I don’t really like sushi, but I am glad I at least tried to eat everything. Fortunately they also had about 80 non sushi dishes so there was enough for me to eat. I did really like the fried octopuss rings. They were jummie!

I was getting full after only a couple of dishes but luckily I had room enough for some banana icecream with sprinkles. Never eat icecream without sprinkles! Sprinkles make everything better!


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