I feel those burpees, spring weather and a timerless run

After my Thursday Grit class I felt fine. Tired, but fine. Yesterday I still felt fine and I was beginning to wonder whether I had even worked hard enough during class. But now that I am writing this I know that I did enough. My legs are sore and my shoulder muscles are tight. Nothing feels better than the soreness after a good workout! After back to back workouts on Wednesday and Thursday I decided to take the day off yesterday. My mom, who had spent the night Thursday evening, the boyfriend and I went to have breakfast at IKEA, where they serve €1 breakfast before 10.00. Nice and cheap way to start the day! We hung around at IKEA for a couple more hours afterward, browsing the products and my mom treated my to some things I needed. Always nice to have your mom come over haha!

My mom bought me some plants, so we spent the rest of the afternoon working on our little garden. Altough its tiny it still took about 2 hours to get it in its current state. We managed to clear away bags of garden waste that we had left in the backyard because they were to heavy to carry through the house to the trashcan (you can only access the backyard through the house!). I feel so much happier looking out of my window now.


The rest of the day, after my mom left around 5, I just hung out on the couch. I was really too tired to do anything else.

This morning the boyfriend got home aroudn 5.30, interrupting my precious sleep, haha. I decided to get back at him by just watching tv when I woke up again at 9. Since our bed is behind our couch in the living room there was really no other place I could go. Unfortunately he slept through everyhing ;). Amazingly he was ready to got out with me to the Saturday Farmers Market around 12. We bought some purple grapes and some fresh rapsberries. I hope to use the raspberries for a snack I want to make tomorrow.

Spring has really started here and the weather is great. Hopefully the higher temperatures will last. Two weeks ago we also had some nice days but all hopes of spring were then crushed by days of rain and hail. We walked by this pretty tree on our way to the farmers market. Everything is starting to bloom :).


This afternoon I really had to do some studying. I have three tests next week so it is not all fun. Disadvantages of being a university student.. I decided to sit in our kitchen/office because the desk there gives you a great view of the street in front of our house. When I was about 45 minutes into studying I saw two girls running in tanktops(!). Two days ago I ran in long leggings and double layers because it was so cold. Originally I had planned to run tonight after dinner but the weather was just too good to not go out. Since my phone was out of battery I could not take it to measure my distance. I decided to just go and run for half an hour. Although I don’t know for sure I think I ran about 4.5k and the best thing is that I did not stop once!

We both did not really feel like a long cooking session so we decided to heat up some pasta sauce and cook some raviolli to have for dinner. With a little parmesan cheese it was truly delicious. I love pasta! Lucky for me the boyfriend loves it too.


After dinner I did Neila Rey’s 90 Days of Action day 3 workout for a quick ab session. My abs are not very strong; with many ab exercises my back arches off the ground which mean I can not use my entire range of motion. Luckily there will be some more ab workouts in this 90 day challenge.

Right now I am in bed relaxing and I will probably be going to sleep early since the clock goes one hour forward tonight. Goodbye one hour of sleep. I still think that we are pretty lucky here in Europe that they change the time overnight between Saturday and Sunday rather than overnight between Sunday and Monday. At least I get to sleep out as long as I want tomorrow!


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