Week 13 recap + Week 14 schedule

As far as my goals were concerned this was not a really good week.
1. Cook every evening except Thurday
I did manage to cook everyday this week so that was nice.
2. Go to the gym three times
I did not get to the gym three times. I realize more and more that I don’t like going to the gym on the weekends because there are only 4 classes and the gym closes at 4. In weekends I usually work out after 4 which means that I rarely go to the gym on either Saturday or Sunday. The only day I got to the gym was Thursday when I went to a Grit class with my mom.
3. Make 3 things from my pinterest board
One thing I managed to make. And it was not even very difficult. And they were not good. I used Strawberry yoghurt and raspberries but that combination was just to sour. Next I´ll try plain greek yoghurt and strawberries.

Despite the goals I did not manage to achieve, my week was pretty good overall. I had so much fun with the boyfriend on Monday and Tuesday when we went to Amsterdam.  I really hope to have more short trips this year! This week I really found my mojo in terms of running. I signed up for two races and pick out 4 other potential runs I can do if I feel fit enough. I hope to continue this upward trend and maybe even run my first full training 5k next week. Even the weather is great, spring is finally coming! At this moment I really feel very good so my schedule for coming week is going to reflect that!

Week 14 schedule:
Monday – late evening Grit class
Tuesday – low impact Body Balance class
Wednesday – Grit class with the boyfriend
Thursday – rest day
Friday – 4,5k – 5k run
Saturday – rest day
Sunday – 5k run

Other plans coming week include a visit to my parents on Thursday and Friday, and tests on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. After the last test on Friday I hope to plan some nice things to do with friends to wind down before university starts again on April 7th. My goals for next week are thus the following:

1. Plan something fun for the weekend with friends
2. Partake in the first week of the 30 day green smoothie challenge which starts April 1st (you can still sign up and best thing: it’s free!)
3. Try 2 new recipes

What are your plans and goals for coming week?


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