Green Smoothies & Poffertjes

Today marked the first day of my Green Smoothie Adventure. I signed up for a 30 day green smoothie challenge that officially starts tomorrow but since I already bought all the ingredients yesterday, I made my first green smoothie this morning. I must say that there is something scary in adding a hand full of spinach to something you are acutually planning on drinking. Today´s smoothie was very good however. I just mixed 2 cups of spinach, 2 cups of peach, 2 cups of water and 1 banana and it was delicous. The only hint of spinach that remains after blending is the green color. The abovementioned amounts make more than 2 servings so there is still plenty left for tomorrow´s breakfast. I have decided that I am going to use the green smoothies to substitute my breakfast. Nothing more convient than breakfast to get my servings of fruit and veggies.


For lunch I had grilled cheese sandwiches. They are really my favorite lunch and they are super easy to make. In an attempt to make my lunch a little healthier I added a bunch of grapes.

The rest of this day has been so lazy. I should be studying for my tests this week but for some reason I cannot get my mind to do it. Instead I am perusing blogs, researching whether I could move to the USA, checking prices of a Fitness Instructor degree and I just found out that I can move to France without having to obtain a visa (always very nice to know!) My progress in studying, however, is about 10 pages. I does not help that my cat Bakso is not giving a good example. That guy has been sleeping on the couch all day.

Although I totally forgive him because he is so cute. Right now he is watching out of the window in search for birds. Maybe I should follow his example and actually do something..

For dinner I had poffertjes. I think these are typical Dutch because I have never really seen them somewhere else. Poffertjes are basically mini pancakes which you eat with butter and powdered sugar.


Certainly not the healthiest thing to eat but I really don’t like cooking when the boyfriend is away. He was supposed to come home tonight but he called me this afternoon to tell he would stay overnight at at friend’s house. Bummer that he is not here but I hope he has lots of fun. Well back to poffertjes. I usually just buy the pre-made poffertjes because they requiere a special pan to make. You just microwave them for 50 seconds and dinner is ready. To make up for the sugar I drank my leftover green smoothie for dessert. Still good!

This evening I went to the gym for a Grit class. The picture was before class when I still had hope that it would not be that bad. I was not really excited to go but I am still glad I went. My friend teaches that class so it is nice to see him there. Yet again the class was full of burpees. Although they are absolutely no fun whatsoever they are really great for endurance. The people in the class are really enthusiastic and there is a lot of high fiving in between tracks. Really great for when you are not realing feeling on top of your game like I had today. Usually I only do Grit once a week but since I want to do it with the boyfriend we are also going on Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll do better then! Now it’s time for me to sleep because all the exercising has left my tired.


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