Pics of the week


Yearly Flowermarket on Good Friday


Beautiful action shot by my youngest sister


Sprinting to the finish at the Culemborg City Run 5K (I’m 393!)


Homemade (made by my sister!) Easter Cake


Easter Breakfast


Easter Bunny


Pancakes with syrup


More Flowers


Spring is here!

Yesterday was a super fun day! The best day I have had in a while. Since I don´t have a lot to do all day I have plenty of time to enjoy the spring weather that finally seems to have arrived. Ironically now that I am typing this is has started to rain. Typical.

The morning started with a green smoothie per usual. I have used almond mike the last couple of days and I must say that I quite like it! I much prefer cow milk as that is genuinely my favorite drink, but almond milk is not bad. I am certainly willing to use it in my green smoothies as it gives them a little bit of sweetness.

Another combo that I really like is strawberry yoghurt with raisins. I haven´t been eating them for a while but decided to buy them on a whim last week and since them I have been eating them as a snack. This yoghurt raisin snack is perfect for when it gets a little bit warmer. Greek yoghurt, honey, cinnamon & raisins is also a thing I am really looking forward to! My kitties were also enjoying the sunshine.

Bakso is busy getting his tan! Since the weather was so nice we went into town for a little bit to get some groceries and walk around. I popped into H&M to look at their sportsgear and found two fun pieces. I’ll show those later this week! When we got back I made Caprese salad. I am not a big fan of salads but any thing with mozzarella is just instant love!

Unfortunately I did not have any fresh basil. I hope to grew some in our little greenhouse we have in the windowsill. I haven’t killed the seeds yet, but hey, it has only been 4 days since planting them. After lunch I noticed that I was still missing an ingredient for a baking project I wanted to do so we went out a second time. We passed a little bakkery I have been meaning to try something from and we got these adorable cupcakes!


I had a vanilla cupcake and the boyfriend had an oreacupcake which looked like cookiemonster! I am definetly going back for more as I love it! Might be nice to try a new one each week! I believe that have rotating flavors so who knows how many I can try! I then proceded to back some muffins. They were not really a success. I did not have anything resembling mayonaise so used something else and I think that is what really ruined them. They are edible but I’ve had better. Dinner was a much bigger success. When done with the muffins I made pizzadough to enjoy some real homemade pizza. We put a lot of cheese on the pizza and I also put on mozzarella, bacon and pesto. It was a minor success. The sauce and toppings were really good but next time the crust needs to be a lot thinner. Right not was still soft, almost like bread, rather than a nice thin pizza crust. I was still good though so we’ll be making it again!

After dinner I went to a hot yoga class. I haven’t been for a couple of weeks and I realized just how much I love yoga. I’ve seen a lot of improvements in my strenght and flexibility and I am ready to tackle some of the more difficult poses. Yesterday was also the last day of my first push-up challenge. I used the Runtastic Push-Ups app to train. I went from 2 lousy and bad form knee push-ups to 20 good knee-pushups in just 3 weeks. I am know going to continue with level 2 which makes me able to 50 pushups. Eventually after finishing all 3 levels (the last one is up to a 100!), I am going to do them all again to build my strength for full push-ups. Although I am taking baby steps I still yields results and that is really motivating!

When I got home the boyfriend wasn’t home and I felt in the mood to relax, perhaps watch a movie. When I am called him he wanted to go for a drink. Reluctantly I went but I was really glad we did! The boyfriend’s best friend and his date and the boyfriend’s sister were also there and we had a lot of fun chatting and drinking wine. The place had this really cool wine with banana’s. Sweet but really good! When the Concerthuis closed at 12.30 am we went to a club. I haven’t been clubbing in ages so it was really nice! We were home at 4. I was not so happy with myself this morning when I woke up with a major headache… Still, I’d do it again in a heartbeat :).

(Sorry for the blurriness but it is really hard to dance and be photographed at the same time!)

Q: Did you go out recently?

A lazy monday and some musings

University starts again this week. It feel that is really is time for me to something else then sitting around and doing basically nothing. With my new university schedule I still only have to attend to days of classes. Coming Friday the classes are already cancelled due to Good Friday. That means only one day of class this week, and that is today. I’ll have class from 1 to 6. Literally nothing. The big plan for this week is thus to really focus on clean eating and exercising this week now that I have so much time.

Sunday evening I made a meal plan for this week. I have a lot of produce and meat in my freezer with which I can make some awesome dinners. Whenever I make a meal plan I am much less prone to just eat whatever I want. I also tried to plan my breakfasts and lunches, and where possible my snacks. I’ve been doing really well in terms of exercising and want to keep up with healthy eating. I am not really worried about my weight. If anything I hope to gain some weight with the creation of new muscles. I do, however, want to lose some fat. When I first started working out at my gym we did a fat measurement. Although my body weight is good, the fat percentage was really something I was shocked about. I know that the machine used to measure it is not super accurate but it still painted a picture that I was not so happy with. According to the machine my fat percentage was 32%, which means that in terms of fat that goes towards obesity. Obviously I do not want to carry around something so unhealthy in my body. Especially the last 2 years I have taken good care of my body by eating to much sugar, pizza and other unhealthy foods.

I am not attempting to lose weight. I am not changing the amount of calories in digest. I merely trying to change my diet to a healthier and more sustainable way of feeding my body. I have done a third measurement yesterday and although the change was no so significant as compared to the last time I measured but in total I have lost 3.1% of fat in 2 months. This makes me extremely happy! I am also happy to report that in the process I only lost 7 pounds. I am no expert but I think that this weight loss is just a reflection of the change in my diet. Now that I am trying to exercise more I hope that I will gain weight in muscle. I feel that the number on the scale does not reflect how I feel about myself. Seeing myself in the mirror and seeing the changes makes me much happier!
I think the biggest thing that has helped me to stay in track is that I do not try to deny myself anything. So yes, I eat chocolate and burgers. But with moderation and that is the key to everything.

Back to reality! Yesterday I continued my green smoothie streak. I really enjoy beginning the day with a few servings of fruits and vegetables. This is the only way to assure that I actually eat vegetables everyday.

During breakfast I was trying to finish a magazine on running. It was not good. The basic info was good but it became so redundant. I quickly noticed that this magazine was translated from English into Dutch and they just gave the interviewed people Dutch names. Either just keep their UK  names or find Dutch people to interview. This just seemed so posed.

For lunch we had leftover lasagna. Lasagna is one of my favorite things to make and one of the few things I really now how to make well. I am really not a great cooker.. I normally don’t eat hot meals at lunch but I did not want to let this go to waste. Maybe I’ll try hot lunch more often as it was not that bad.

The secret to the best lasagna? Cheese on every layer! Not the most healthy food but really, really delicious! For dinner we just had oven fries, chicken and green beans. We ate a little hurriedly because people were coming over at 8.15 to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones. We are always behind one day from the US so I try not to venture on social media to make sure I don’t read any spoilers. The episode was amazing, as always.

Another obsession of the last week is Bones. I like police series because they can for the most part be viewed independently. Last year I already watched some episodes but I did not really know which one’s I saw and which one’s I didn’t. I just started at season 2 and there is still plenty to watch.

Q: What is your favorite tvshow?

Semslinieloop 4.6k Recap

Today I finished my very first race! I have been meaning to run and finish a race for years but I could never find the discipline to really commit to the project. Since I have rediscovered running 2 months ago I knew that I needed to work towards a goal to stay motivated. My original goal is next week’s Culemborg City Run 5k, but when I saw this local race popping up on a race schedule website I signed up. Yesterday I felt really weird. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I knew that the race was pretty small but that is about all I knew.

I tried to start the day as normal as possible by just having my green smoothie for breakfast. This one had almond milk, spinach, oranges and a banana. I smelled yucky but tasted really good. The smell of the almond milk is just really overpowering.


I looks beautiful in all its greenness!

Since we only had to leave the house at 1 pm, I still had plenty of time left. To occupy myself I browsed some blogs and tried not to think about the race because I felt both nervous and excited at the same time. The clock literally inched forward, so the logical thing to do was to just make sure I had everything packed before leaving. Since it was a very short race I did not really need a whole lot of things.

My outfit consisted of my recently bought and reviewed H&M Sport’s Bra, my pink Craft t-shirt, a soccer short and my white/blue Nike running shoes. The weather was nice, 14 C and sunny so the weather was perfect for running. I still had to pick up something for my sister, I headed into town to get it and kill so more time. On the way back I picked up a very nice Brie sandwich. It was too big to finish it so the other half is still in my fridge but it was good!

We left right on time. The race was in Annerveenschekanaal, which is very, very tiny and about 30 minutes away. We could park fairly close to the start, so that we only had to walk a couple of hundred meters. The boyfriend was my support btw! The bib pick-up was fast, I was one of the last one’s to actually pick it up. There were two distances to run: 4.6k and 8.8k. 90% of the runners came for the 8.8k so we only had 7(!) people on the 4.6k.

Since bib pick-up was literally done in two seconds we still had some time to kill before the actual race start. The boyfriend sat and enjoyed the sun, while I paced back and forth anxious for the race to start. Finally it was time to get to the startline. The 8.8k started at the same time, so where not really alone. The buzzer went and off we went. I ran with my phone but there was still music playing from my last run. My first couple hundreds meters I was busy fixing my phone. I had to restart the ran, so my distance and time were basically useless information. The only info that I could still use was the pace. My goal was to finish under 3o minutes. My pace needed to be below 6’30”.

I started out alright, as the first kilometer was just road. I did not know, however, that the rest of the race was trail. We basically ran around a field. The unfortunate thing was that I had to look at the ground the entire time to make sure I wasn’t breaking my ankles in one of the holes in the grass. I could not really focus on the runners in front of me. I basically ran alone. I knew that the 8.8k were way too fast so I made sure not to get tempted to try and keep up. I was in last position for a couple hundred meters but then passed neon yellow lady runner. She became my driving force the entire race. I just did not want to finish last. As long as I was still in front of her, I felt confident that I could finish. I talked to myself. Out loud. A lot.

Since we walked in the field, and the Netherlands is basically as flat as it gets there was some side wind. Really had to motivate myself to not give up. Luckily I knew that I am able to run the distance, as I had already ran it before. After I past the 4K marker I saw blue tanktop lady runner in front of me. With some magical effort I managed to pass her a few hundred metres before the finish. I felt so great when I passed that finish line! The feeling is glorious! The boyfriend managed to record my finish so that was really awesome. My official time was 30:48, so no sub 30 race but that doesn’t really matter. I still did it, without any walking.

This was me pre-race sporting my very first medal. I am so extremely proud of myself. I feel like I can do literally everything now as long as I just commit! After the race I had to give back my bib which I was really bumbed about :(. Afterwards there was soup with bread. I gave away half the soup and the bread to the boyfriend and has some salty crisps instead. We stuck around for a hour to watch the prize ceremony. They also had a raffle with all the bibs. You could win a 125 euro gift card! I did not win but I think that is a really cool concept. Everyone had a equal opportunity to win something.

When we got home I did some pushups for a challenge and some stretching and then I hit the shower. We had a quick dinner and then went to the movies to see Rio 2. It was actually pretty good. And yes, I wore my medal to the movies.

Now I am enjoying my well deserved rest. This race was small but well organized. Maybe I will go back next year, but then I hope to participate in the 8.8k. Tomorrow I will start my 10k training plan, and next week is my second race that I will run with my mom. It is safe to say that I want more!

Attempt at speedwork and Oat-cookies

Hi! Yesterday was a good day :). I am still enjoying my week off and that basically means that I don’t do a whole lot on a daily basis. I did make a massive to do list for myself so maybe I should get going at some point but having to do nothing is just absolutely amazing!

I started off yesterday with the continuation of my 30 day smoothie challenge. Due to me being extremely lazy I did not have the fruit I needed on Tuesday and Wednesday so I took a while before I had a delicous glass of fruityness again. Yesterday’s ‘green smoothie’ was actually red.

This smoothie was 2 cups spinach, 1 cup water, 1 cup raspberries, 1 cup blueberries and 1 banana. I buy all my berries from the frozen food section so that they are less expensive. Another pro is that my smoothies are always really cold and refreshing. I try to have these for breakfast now, but I might have to use them as a snack in the future. Although they are really delicious, they don’t really fully satisfy my morning hunger.

Lunch was prepared with a little more effort. I made two large omelet’s, one for me and one for him. I just whisked the eggs and added some pepper and salt before baking them.

I ate my omelet on toast, and prepared another toast with cheese and curry (the sauce).  White bread still remains my favorite but I know there are more nutrients in whole wheat bread so I’ve recently picked up the darker varieties of my favorite bread.

Since it’s almost easter I have been snacking on some easter eggs. Fortunately I was able to limit myself to two white cholate eggs! I try to see them as a real threat instead of eating the entire bag just because its there for the eating. In the afternoon I went for a run. The idea was to do some speedwork. I have signed up for a race that takes place Saturday (tomorrow, yeah!) and wanted to run a shorter distance to see if I could up my pace. My target was to go for 3k. The first k went really well. I immediately broke my 1k record, by shaving of more than a minute. I went from 6’35” to 5’26”. Yeah, me! I had to walk to catch my breath, and from that moment I walked/sprinted the rest of the loop. Although I managed to run some pretty fast paces when I was running, I could not keep that pace. The next time I want to see if I can run my entire 3k loop with a higher pace, without having to walk. For now I am pretty happy with the effort I’ve put in.

I was indecisive about what to get for dinner. I’ve noticed that I am eating a lot of bad foods the last couple of days and I would really like to go back to normal eating. Wednesday I hung out with my best gf and we stuffed our faces with cholate and crisps. For one afternoon it is not that bad, because one bad meal does not make you fat. However, I don’t want to go back by just allowing myself to eat everything I want. Yesterday went really well food wise, until dinner. I had gone into town to pick up some eggs when I walked past the snackbar. I was alone for dinner so I caved in and ate fries for dinner. And when Omar got home around 10 from his soccer game he brought McDonalds, and I ate that as well. Ooops. Overall I think I am really doing better each day, but food remains a struggle..

Yesterday after dinner I wanted to make something, so I made Oat/Banana cookies. They are really simple to make.

I put 1 cup oats in my food proccessor to make flour. Then I put the flour in a large bowl together with 2 bananas. My bananas were quite new, and they did not mash that well. I suggest take ripe, or maybe even overripe bananas because they are easier to mix with the oatflour. Just mix the two ingredients and bake the cookies on 180 C/350 F for 15 minutes. I tasted one yesterday when they got out of the oven. I like them but they are not my favorite. However, when you have some leftover bananas and some time these are really good to make.

Other news: I ordered a fun tank top for Run Eat Repeat Spreadshirt shop. I had been eyeing a coral colored tank for a couple of days now and I saw a coupon code on the site for free international shipping so I ordered right away. I hope that it arrives soon. Usually it’s 8 to 15 business days. That is a long time!
I started watching Bones again. I am a sucker for police series, but I always get hopelessly lost when I don’t watch for a couple of weeks. I never quite remember where I was. I usually start over or begin with a random episode. With Bones I started at season 2 because I was pretty sure I saw at least the majority of the first season.
The most epic news is that I will be running  a race tomorrow. I am really excited, because hopefully it is going to be the first race that I am going to finish! It is a 4,6k loop, with a flatter than flat course so that should be fine. My A goal is to just finish, but My B goal is to finish in under 30 minutes. Fingers crossed!

Q: What is the next race you’re running?

Review H&M Sports Tank + Sports Bra

Two week ago I went to Amsterdam. While there I decided to swing by the H&M store on the Dam. Its the biggest store in the Netherlands and has every sub collection of H&M. A new line of H&M that I am really a fan of is there workout gear. It is affordable and I think good quality. That thay I bought two things. The first one is a bright neon orange racerback tanktop.

I have tried on this tanktop with both running and gym class. I like it for both. The color is awesome. Looking good while exercising is half the fun right? I bought my normal size, so the bust measurements are about the same as other H&M tops but the advantage with this top is that its longer than normal tops. Expecially when wearing tight running leggings I like to cover up my butt. My other running tank by Craft is short, too short, so I am happy that this top has more lenght. This top is not a tight fit. Excellent for when you don’t like your clothes to be tight. The top is dry-fit and does not chafe. This top is extremely affordable at €9,95/$12.95. At H&M they call this color Coral. This top also comes in Black, Blue, Green and two other design. Especially for the price they are an excellent addition to your wardrobe. I have just ordered a black/pink design, since I have not seen it in stores yet. Hopefully they keep coming out with more bright colors!

Another thing I like to buy at H&M are their sportsbra’s.
I bought this pink/silver one. Yet again, I intitially bought it purely for the color. This sports bra is low support. That means that if you have more than a C cup it is probably better to take a medium support sports bra if you want to use it for running. However, when you are smaller than that can be used for running. I used it for running and it worked fine. However, I would use this particular model for sports such as yoga and other stationary exercising. For running I really like their sports bra’s that have bigger straps so they are tighter. This bra does not have straight straps which means that it fit perfectly with a racerback top mentioned like the one above. The straps do need some getting used as they intersect on your back in an akward place. This particulary color is not available online, although it might still be available in stores. Online there is a black/grey and a orange option. This bra retails for €14,95/$14.95.

Overall I am really pleased with both these pieces. Since I do not have a lot of workout clothes yet, these get a ton of wear. I don’t have enough money to buy Nike or similar priced sportswear so these are excellent alternatives!

Question: What is your favorite brand for sportswear?

Bonus vacation week

Yesterday was epic as I found out that I have an extra week off. Classes start next monday rather than today! Always nice to have an extra 7 free days, haha. Since I have literally nothing to do this week I am going to focus on exercising and getting my house back in order. There is overflowing stuff everywhere so I really want to get rid of some things. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some things on Ebay to make some extra cash, especially since I am currently not working.

This morning I left my parents house at 9 to go to Amsterdam to pick up my boyfriend’s fixed laptop. It’s an hour to get there and although I had some breakfast before I left I was a little hungry when I arrived in Amsterdam. Lucky for me there were handing out free packages of a new breakfast cookie. They were cranberry cookies and they were good! They have whole wheat ingredient to give a satisfied feeling.

I had to take the tram to the Apple Store. I had hoped to be in and out of there to in 5 minutes. Bummer I had to wait for 20 minutes, even though it was Monday 10 am. That already took a little longer but when I got back at the station there was a malfunction on one of the tracks which meant that I had to take one of the slower trains home. Took 2 hours longer than normal to get home. Luckily I had internet in the train in the last hour so I could catch up on some blogs.

I was craving candy so when I changed trains I bought these. They are my favorite! These candies are liquorice banana flavored. Seems like a weird combo but they are actually really nice! When I got home my boyfriend crashed right back on the couch. He is really not feeling well today. He think he ate something wrong yesterday. I feel really sorry for him! I hope he gets better soon. Since he was sleeping for most of the afternoon I decided to just lay it low and do so prepatory work for next week’s classes. Lucky for me I had the best company.

For dinner we just had chickensoup, since neither of us was really in the mood or had the energy to cook something. I hope to create a mealplan for the rest of the week, so that we use some of the thing we still have in the pantry. Tomorrow I want to go to the gym to do some interval training on the treadmill. Not sure what I am going to do precisely but I find it easier to do speedwork on the treadmill. Normally I would go to a Grit class in a about an hour but tonight is the return of Game of Thrones! I am so darn excited! We asked some friends over to watch the season 3 recap and the season premier. Hopefully it will be really epic!

Question: Do you watch Game of Thrones?

Indonesian Food and weekend at the parents

The last two days have been really relax. I decided to take it easy for a couple of days to get rested for my run tomorrow. Yesterday was pretty busy so there was not even a lot of time to do any exercising. In the morning I had to finish an essay that was due at 1pm. I finished just in time to go to the movies with my boyfriend. We both have a subscription to our local cinema, where we can go to unlimited movies for a fixed fee a month. We hadn’t been in ages so it was really time to go. My boyfriend is a huge fan of superheroes and since last week Captain America Winter Soldier is in cinemas. I like action movies so I had not problem going along. And as always, once your in the cinema you remember how much fun it is to sit in the dark and just enjoy watching something on the big screen! Captain America was long but really good! I just like how Marvel ties in all the superhero movies with each other. In every movie there are little links and hints to other superheroes. If you’re a fan of superheroes and/or action movies I really recommend seeing it!

After the movie we decided to go home for just a tiny bit and then go to the birthday party of my boyfriend’s sister. She turned 19 today! My boyfriend’s family is from Indonesia so there is always lots of food. Although I don’t always like everything, as a lot of things are really spicy, the food was excellent! We had yellow rice with chicken, egg and tempeh (which is made of sojabeans). What I was really amazed about was the presentation of the food.


My mother in law’s food looks like it was made for a magazine! For dessert we had had cake.


I was full when we left! Unfortunately we had to leave early: the boyfriend had to go to soccer practice and I headed to the trainstation to catch the train home. My parents live about 2,5 hours from my house so I always dread the journey there. I arrived around 10pm and time went by fairly quickly as I took a nice book on the train, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. So far it is really interestingly written. My younger sister picked me up at the station and I spent the rest of the evening in bed with a book. So nice, because at my parents I only need to relax! The only thing I did do in terms of exercise is a personal push up challenge. I use the Runkeeper Push Up app to practise my pushups. So far so good :). I already notice the improvements.

This morning I really had the chance to sleep in. My parents both participated in a 24 hour charity walk that started yesterday at 7pm. My mom’s slot was tomorrow between 9 and 10 and I went to see her when she was finished, since I knew she needed to help behind the bar between 11 and 12. We really just sat there and talked as it was really quiet. Most people had gone home for the night, except those people that were walking of course! The charity walk is for a Dutch organization that invests money in a cure for cancer, so I was happy to contribute in a really minor way by buying a little food here and there. I am most proud of my parents though! They both walked two hours and did stints behind the bar to earn money for KWF Kankerbestrijding (the charity). On the way home we saw the most amazing trees. They are currently blooming and they are so extremely pretty!


They reminded me of how everybody deserves a chance to see this beauty.


When we got home my mom was really tired so the rest of the afternoon we really spend just talking and hanging on the couch. Always nice to have a little mom and me time! My sisters also got home at 3 so we had a really nice time just the four of us. Saturday’s are always very laid back at my parents’ house. My mom never cooks on Saturday, we always just have bread for dinner. I did not have a smoothie for breakfast this morning so my youngest sister whiped up a smoothie for dinner.


It had spinach, blueberries, strawberries, almonds and almondmilk and I though it was delicious. Unfortunately she did not really think so, so that was a bummer. The rest of the evening I also spend on the couch with my parents. We watch a quiz on tv in which we all participated. Competing to see who is the smartest is fun! It were 50 questions on various topics. I had 35 questions correct. Pretty decent! Right now I am watching soccer with my dad. Father-daughter moment :). Have a nice night!

Question: what activity do you like to do with your dad?


Yes, I ran a 5k + a major dissappointment

The past 3 days have known high’s and low’s in regards to fitness. Right now I feel really really dissappointed. Just took a peek into my mailbox where I saw an email from my gym. I love my gym. They have excellent facilities, certified personal trainers and really nice classes. Since the prices are somewhat high, there is a certain exlusivity to the club. I like going there since it is usually not very crowded and I feel comfortable there. And then I opened that email, only to read that they are changing my nice gym into a budget gym :(. Yes, the prices will go down but with the decrease in prices will come an increase in members. At certain busy times it is already a little too full and this gym has no way of getting larger as there is no extra space to go. I am so sad. They are going to introduce virtual classes. I don’t like virtual classes, I became a member because of the live group classes. And the biggest reason for being sad is that there no alternative. All the gyms in the vicinity are budget gyms. The concept change will happen May 1st and I hope sincerely they retain some of their features because I just don’t want to find another gym…

So that is that for the sad part, since there is literally nothing I can do that will change the situation. For the high’s: Monday I had an excellent Grit class! There were a few moments when I really needed  breather but overall I feel that I did a really nice job.

Thuesday was the best day of this week sofar. The weather was excellent and I enjoyed having the windows open. My kitties were also very happy that they could explore the newly planted garden! For lunch I made Tortilla cups with egg and parmesan cheese. I just took a small oven dish, put a large tortilla in the dish and put three eggs in the tortilla. Put in the oven for 15 minutes, put on some cheese, then in the oven for another 5 minutes and voila! Really nice and easy food. My boyfriend liked it so much that he is making one right now!

For exercise I had planned to do a low impact Body Balance class but I felt like running. Since I did a timerless run last week I did not really know I how far that run had been and I was adamant that I should run that 5k this week. And I totally did! 5,1k to be precise.

Run 1 April 2014
I felt immensely good about that achievement!

Now I am ready to run my first 5k race. The first opportunity I will have is next Saturday. There is a 4,6k race not to far from here and I think I will go there to participate.

Yesterday was not that eventful in terms of exercise. I did manage to have lunch outside with the boyfriend and my best friend. She had to leave early because of a test she still needed to study for but still it was really nice to have her over! We had dinner at the house of my boyfriend’s sister who moved out of her parents house on Saturday. We had some nice veggie soup and we talked for a while. Nice to have such a lowback evening where you don’t have to cook!

March 2014 – Achievements

I have a passion for achievements. If apps, games or websites have achievements they have me hooked. Nothing is more fun to earn to badge or that throphy. They have zero actual value but that is besides the point :). Since I mostly want to motivate myself with this blog, I have decided I am going to make a monthly post with the things I feel I have achieved in the preceding month. Hopefully this will give me a really nice overview at the end of the year of how I have grown as person!

⭐ Ran a non-stop 4,5k run, my farthest ever
⭐ Exercised 15 out of the 31 days of March, which equals an average of 3,5 workouts a week
⭐ Signed up for my first ever 10k race
⭐ Began this blog
⭐ 2% percent fat decrease

Might not be that much but it feels very good to be where I am now. The main hurdle is always to continue, even when the results are not immediately showing. By creating an achievement page or board for yourself, it becomes clear which things you are capable of doing!

I have also added an extra page, Races. On this page I have put the dates of upcoming races. Once I have actually finished my first race I will also put my times there.