March 2014 – Achievements

I have a passion for achievements. If apps, games or websites have achievements they have me hooked. Nothing is more fun to earn to badge or that throphy. They have zero actual value but that is besides the point :). Since I mostly want to motivate myself with this blog, I have decided I am going to make a monthly post with the things I feel I have achieved in the preceding month. Hopefully this will give me a really nice overview at the end of the year of how I have grown as person!

⭐ Ran a non-stop 4,5k run, my farthest ever
⭐ Exercised 15 out of the 31 days of March, which equals an average of 3,5 workouts a week
⭐ Signed up for my first ever 10k race
⭐ Began this blog
⭐ 2% percent fat decrease

Might not be that much but it feels very good to be where I am now. The main hurdle is always to continue, even when the results are not immediately showing. By creating an achievement page or board for yourself, it becomes clear which things you are capable of doing!

I have also added an extra page, Races. On this page I have put the dates of upcoming races. Once I have actually finished my first race I will also put my times there.


Thank you for your comment! I love to read them :)

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