Yes, I ran a 5k + a major dissappointment

The past 3 days have known high’s and low’s in regards to fitness. Right now I feel really really dissappointed. Just took a peek into my mailbox where I saw an email from my gym. I love my gym. They have excellent facilities, certified personal trainers and really nice classes. Since the prices are somewhat high, there is a certain exlusivity to the club. I like going there since it is usually not very crowded and I feel comfortable there. And then I opened that email, only to read that they are changing my nice gym into a budget gym :(. Yes, the prices will go down but with the decrease in prices will come an increase in members. At certain busy times it is already a little too full and this gym has no way of getting larger as there is no extra space to go. I am so sad. They are going to introduce virtual classes. I don’t like virtual classes, I became a member because of the live group classes. And the biggest reason for being sad is that there no alternative. All the gyms in the vicinity are budget gyms. The concept change will happen May 1st and I hope sincerely they retain some of their features because I just don’t want to find another gym…

So that is that for the sad part, since there is literally nothing I can do that will change the situation. For the high’s: Monday I had an excellent Grit class! There were a few moments when I really needed  breather but overall I feel that I did a really nice job.

Thuesday was the best day of this week sofar. The weather was excellent and I enjoyed having the windows open. My kitties were also very happy that they could explore the newly planted garden! For lunch I made Tortilla cups with egg and parmesan cheese. I just took a small oven dish, put a large tortilla in the dish and put three eggs in the tortilla. Put in the oven for 15 minutes, put on some cheese, then in the oven for another 5 minutes and voila! Really nice and easy food. My boyfriend liked it so much that he is making one right now!

For exercise I had planned to do a low impact Body Balance class but I felt like running. Since I did a timerless run last week I did not really know I how far that run had been and I was adamant that I should run that 5k this week. And I totally did! 5,1k to be precise.

Run 1 April 2014
I felt immensely good about that achievement!

Now I am ready to run my first 5k race. The first opportunity I will have is next Saturday. There is a 4,6k race not to far from here and I think I will go there to participate.

Yesterday was not that eventful in terms of exercise. I did manage to have lunch outside with the boyfriend and my best friend. She had to leave early because of a test she still needed to study for but still it was really nice to have her over! We had dinner at the house of my boyfriend’s sister who moved out of her parents house on Saturday. We had some nice veggie soup and we talked for a while. Nice to have such a lowback evening where you don’t have to cook!


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