Indonesian Food and weekend at the parents

The last two days have been really relax. I decided to take it easy for a couple of days to get rested for my run tomorrow. Yesterday was pretty busy so there was not even a lot of time to do any exercising. In the morning I had to finish an essay that was due at 1pm. I finished just in time to go to the movies with my boyfriend. We both have a subscription to our local cinema, where we can go to unlimited movies for a fixed fee a month. We hadn’t been in ages so it was really time to go. My boyfriend is a huge fan of superheroes and since last week Captain America Winter Soldier is in cinemas. I like action movies so I had not problem going along. And as always, once your in the cinema you remember how much fun it is to sit in the dark and just enjoy watching something on the big screen! Captain America was long but really good! I just like how Marvel ties in all the superhero movies with each other. In every movie there are little links and hints to other superheroes. If you’re a fan of superheroes and/or action movies I really recommend seeing it!

After the movie we decided to go home for just a tiny bit and then go to the birthday party of my boyfriend’s sister. She turned 19 today! My boyfriend’s family is from Indonesia so there is always lots of food. Although I don’t always like everything, as a lot of things are really spicy, the food was excellent! We had yellow rice with chicken, egg and tempeh (which is made of sojabeans). What I was really amazed about was the presentation of the food.


My mother in law’s food looks like it was made for a magazine! For dessert we had had cake.


I was full when we left! Unfortunately we had to leave early: the boyfriend had to go to soccer practice and I headed to the trainstation to catch the train home. My parents live about 2,5 hours from my house so I always dread the journey there. I arrived around 10pm and time went by fairly quickly as I took a nice book on the train, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. So far it is really interestingly written. My younger sister picked me up at the station and I spent the rest of the evening in bed with a book. So nice, because at my parents I only need to relax! The only thing I did do in terms of exercise is a personal push up challenge. I use the Runkeeper Push Up app to practise my pushups. So far so good :). I already notice the improvements.

This morning I really had the chance to sleep in. My parents both participated in a 24 hour charity walk that started yesterday at 7pm. My mom’s slot was tomorrow between 9 and 10 and I went to see her when she was finished, since I knew she needed to help behind the bar between 11 and 12. We really just sat there and talked as it was really quiet. Most people had gone home for the night, except those people that were walking of course! The charity walk is for a Dutch organization that invests money in a cure for cancer, so I was happy to contribute in a really minor way by buying a little food here and there. I am most proud of my parents though! They both walked two hours and did stints behind the bar to earn money for KWF Kankerbestrijding (the charity). On the way home we saw the most amazing trees. They are currently blooming and they are so extremely pretty!


They reminded me of how everybody deserves a chance to see this beauty.


When we got home my mom was really tired so the rest of the afternoon we really spend just talking and hanging on the couch. Always nice to have a little mom and me time! My sisters also got home at 3 so we had a really nice time just the four of us. Saturday’s are always very laid back at my parents’ house. My mom never cooks on Saturday, we always just have bread for dinner. I did not have a smoothie for breakfast this morning so my youngest sister whiped up a smoothie for dinner.


It had spinach, blueberries, strawberries, almonds and almondmilk and I though it was delicious. Unfortunately she did not really think so, so that was a bummer. The rest of the evening I also spend on the couch with my parents. We watch a quiz on tv in which we all participated. Competing to see who is the smartest is fun! It were 50 questions on various topics. I had 35 questions correct. Pretty decent! Right now I am watching soccer with my dad. Father-daughter moment :). Have a nice night!

Question: what activity do you like to do with your dad?



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