Bonus vacation week

Yesterday was epic as I found out that I have an extra week off. Classes start next monday rather than today! Always nice to have an extra 7 free days, haha. Since I have literally nothing to do this week I am going to focus on exercising and getting my house back in order. There is overflowing stuff everywhere so I really want to get rid of some things. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some things on Ebay to make some extra cash, especially since I am currently not working.

This morning I left my parents house at 9 to go to Amsterdam to pick up my boyfriend’s fixed laptop. It’s an hour to get there and although I had some breakfast before I left I was a little hungry when I arrived in Amsterdam. Lucky for me there were handing out free packages of a new breakfast cookie. They were cranberry cookies and they were good! They have whole wheat ingredient to give a satisfied feeling.

I had to take the tram to the Apple Store. I had hoped to be in and out of there to in 5 minutes. Bummer I had to wait for 20 minutes, even though it was Monday 10 am. That already took a little longer but when I got back at the station there was a malfunction on one of the tracks which meant that I had to take one of the slower trains home. Took 2 hours longer than normal to get home. Luckily I had internet in the train in the last hour so I could catch up on some blogs.

I was craving candy so when I changed trains I bought these. They are my favorite! These candies are liquorice banana flavored. Seems like a weird combo but they are actually really nice! When I got home my boyfriend crashed right back on the couch. He is really not feeling well today. He think he ate something wrong yesterday. I feel really sorry for him! I hope he gets better soon. Since he was sleeping for most of the afternoon I decided to just lay it low and do so prepatory work for next week’s classes. Lucky for me I had the best company.

For dinner we just had chickensoup, since neither of us was really in the mood or had the energy to cook something. I hope to create a mealplan for the rest of the week, so that we use some of the thing we still have in the pantry. Tomorrow I want to go to the gym to do some interval training on the treadmill. Not sure what I am going to do precisely but I find it easier to do speedwork on the treadmill. Normally I would go to a Grit class in a about an hour but tonight is the return of Game of Thrones! I am so darn excited! We asked some friends over to watch the season 3 recap and the season premier. Hopefully it will be really epic!

Question: Do you watch Game of Thrones?


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