Review H&M Sports Tank + Sports Bra

Two week ago I went to Amsterdam. While there I decided to swing by the H&M store on the Dam. Its the biggest store in the Netherlands and has every sub collection of H&M. A new line of H&M that I am really a fan of is there workout gear. It is affordable and I think good quality. That thay I bought two things. The first one is a bright neon orange racerback tanktop.

I have tried on this tanktop with both running and gym class. I like it for both. The color is awesome. Looking good while exercising is half the fun right? I bought my normal size, so the bust measurements are about the same as other H&M tops but the advantage with this top is that its longer than normal tops. Expecially when wearing tight running leggings I like to cover up my butt. My other running tank by Craft is short, too short, so I am happy that this top has more lenght. This top is not a tight fit. Excellent for when you don’t like your clothes to be tight. The top is dry-fit and does not chafe. This top is extremely affordable at €9,95/$12.95. At H&M they call this color Coral. This top also comes in Black, Blue, Green and two other design. Especially for the price they are an excellent addition to your wardrobe. I have just ordered a black/pink design, since I have not seen it in stores yet. Hopefully they keep coming out with more bright colors!

Another thing I like to buy at H&M are their sportsbra’s.
I bought this pink/silver one. Yet again, I intitially bought it purely for the color. This sports bra is low support. That means that if you have more than a C cup it is probably better to take a medium support sports bra if you want to use it for running. However, when you are smaller than that can be used for running. I used it for running and it worked fine. However, I would use this particular model for sports such as yoga and other stationary exercising. For running I really like their sports bra’s that have bigger straps so they are tighter. This bra does not have straight straps which means that it fit perfectly with a racerback top mentioned like the one above. The straps do need some getting used as they intersect on your back in an akward place. This particulary color is not available online, although it might still be available in stores. Online there is a black/grey and a orange option. This bra retails for €14,95/$14.95.

Overall I am really pleased with both these pieces. Since I do not have a lot of workout clothes yet, these get a ton of wear. I don’t have enough money to buy Nike or similar priced sportswear so these are excellent alternatives!

Question: What is your favorite brand for sportswear?


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