Attempt at speedwork and Oat-cookies

Hi! Yesterday was a good day :). I am still enjoying my week off and that basically means that I don’t do a whole lot on a daily basis. I did make a massive to do list for myself so maybe I should get going at some point but having to do nothing is just absolutely amazing!

I started off yesterday with the continuation of my 30 day smoothie challenge. Due to me being extremely lazy I did not have the fruit I needed on Tuesday and Wednesday so I took a while before I had a delicous glass of fruityness again. Yesterday’s ‘green smoothie’ was actually red.

This smoothie was 2 cups spinach, 1 cup water, 1 cup raspberries, 1 cup blueberries and 1 banana. I buy all my berries from the frozen food section so that they are less expensive. Another pro is that my smoothies are always really cold and refreshing. I try to have these for breakfast now, but I might have to use them as a snack in the future. Although they are really delicious, they don’t really fully satisfy my morning hunger.

Lunch was prepared with a little more effort. I made two large omelet’s, one for me and one for him. I just whisked the eggs and added some pepper and salt before baking them.

I ate my omelet on toast, and prepared another toast with cheese and curry (the sauce).  White bread still remains my favorite but I know there are more nutrients in whole wheat bread so I’ve recently picked up the darker varieties of my favorite bread.

Since it’s almost easter I have been snacking on some easter eggs. Fortunately I was able to limit myself to two white cholate eggs! I try to see them as a real threat instead of eating the entire bag just because its there for the eating. In the afternoon I went for a run. The idea was to do some speedwork. I have signed up for a race that takes place Saturday (tomorrow, yeah!) and wanted to run a shorter distance to see if I could up my pace. My target was to go for 3k. The first k went really well. I immediately broke my 1k record, by shaving of more than a minute. I went from 6’35” to 5’26”. Yeah, me! I had to walk to catch my breath, and from that moment I walked/sprinted the rest of the loop. Although I managed to run some pretty fast paces when I was running, I could not keep that pace. The next time I want to see if I can run my entire 3k loop with a higher pace, without having to walk. For now I am pretty happy with the effort I’ve put in.

I was indecisive about what to get for dinner. I’ve noticed that I am eating a lot of bad foods the last couple of days and I would really like to go back to normal eating. Wednesday I hung out with my best gf and we stuffed our faces with cholate and crisps. For one afternoon it is not that bad, because one bad meal does not make you fat. However, I don’t want to go back by just allowing myself to eat everything I want. Yesterday went really well food wise, until dinner. I had gone into town to pick up some eggs when I walked past the snackbar. I was alone for dinner so I caved in and ate fries for dinner. And when Omar got home around 10 from his soccer game he brought McDonalds, and I ate that as well. Ooops. Overall I think I am really doing better each day, but food remains a struggle..

Yesterday after dinner I wanted to make something, so I made Oat/Banana cookies. They are really simple to make.

I put 1 cup oats in my food proccessor to make flour. Then I put the flour in a large bowl together with 2 bananas. My bananas were quite new, and they did not mash that well. I suggest take ripe, or maybe even overripe bananas because they are easier to mix with the oatflour. Just mix the two ingredients and bake the cookies on 180 C/350 F for 15 minutes. I tasted one yesterday when they got out of the oven. I like them but they are not my favorite. However, when you have some leftover bananas and some time these are really good to make.

Other news: I ordered a fun tank top for Run Eat Repeat Spreadshirt shop. I had been eyeing a coral colored tank for a couple of days now and I saw a coupon code on the site for free international shipping so I ordered right away. I hope that it arrives soon. Usually it’s 8 to 15 business days. That is a long time!
I started watching Bones again. I am a sucker for police series, but I always get hopelessly lost when I don’t watch for a couple of weeks. I never quite remember where I was. I usually start over or begin with a random episode. With Bones I started at season 2 because I was pretty sure I saw at least the majority of the first season.
The most epic news is that I will be running  a race tomorrow. I am really excited, because hopefully it is going to be the first race that I am going to finish! It is a 4,6k loop, with a flatter than flat course so that should be fine. My A goal is to just finish, but My B goal is to finish in under 30 minutes. Fingers crossed!

Q: What is the next race you’re running?


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