A lazy monday and some musings

University starts again this week. It feel that is really is time for me to something else then sitting around and doing basically nothing. With my new university schedule I still only have to attend to days of classes. Coming Friday the classes are already cancelled due to Good Friday. That means only one day of class this week, and that is today. I’ll have class from 1 to 6. Literally nothing. The big plan for this week is thus to really focus on clean eating and exercising this week now that I have so much time.

Sunday evening I made a meal plan for this week. I have a lot of produce and meat in my freezer with which I can make some awesome dinners. Whenever I make a meal plan I am much less prone to just eat whatever I want. I also tried to plan my breakfasts and lunches, and where possible my snacks. I’ve been doing really well in terms of exercising and want to keep up with healthy eating. I am not really worried about my weight. If anything I hope to gain some weight with the creation of new muscles. I do, however, want to lose some fat. When I first started working out at my gym we did a fat measurement. Although my body weight is good, the fat percentage was really something I was shocked about. I know that the machine used to measure it is not super accurate but it still painted a picture that I was not so happy with. According to the machine my fat percentage was 32%, which means that in terms of fat that goes towards obesity. Obviously I do not want to carry around something so unhealthy in my body. Especially the last 2 years I have taken good care of my body by eating to much sugar, pizza and other unhealthy foods.

I am not attempting to lose weight. I am not changing the amount of calories in digest. I merely trying to change my diet to a healthier and more sustainable way of feeding my body. I have done a third measurement yesterday and although the change was no so significant as compared to the last time I measured but in total I have lost 3.1% of fat in 2 months. This makes me extremely happy! I am also happy to report that in the process I only lost 7 pounds. I am no expert but I think that this weight loss is just a reflection of the change in my diet. Now that I am trying to exercise more I hope that I will gain weight in muscle. I feel that the number on the scale does not reflect how I feel about myself. Seeing myself in the mirror and seeing the changes makes me much happier!
I think the biggest thing that has helped me to stay in track is that I do not try to deny myself anything. So yes, I eat chocolate and burgers. But with moderation and that is the key to everything.

Back to reality! Yesterday I continued my green smoothie streak. I really enjoy beginning the day with a few servings of fruits and vegetables. This is the only way to assure that I actually eat vegetables everyday.

During breakfast I was trying to finish a magazine on running. It was not good. The basic info was good but it became so redundant. I quickly noticed that this magazine was translated from English into Dutch and they just gave the interviewed people Dutch names. Either just keep their UK  names or find Dutch people to interview. This just seemed so posed.

For lunch we had leftover lasagna. Lasagna is one of my favorite things to make and one of the few things I really now how to make well. I am really not a great cooker.. I normally don’t eat hot meals at lunch but I did not want to let this go to waste. Maybe I’ll try hot lunch more often as it was not that bad.

The secret to the best lasagna? Cheese on every layer! Not the most healthy food but really, really delicious! For dinner we just had oven fries, chicken and green beans. We ate a little hurriedly because people were coming over at 8.15 to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones. We are always behind one day from the US so I try not to venture on social media to make sure I don’t read any spoilers. The episode was amazing, as always.

Another obsession of the last week is Bones. I like police series because they can for the most part be viewed independently. Last year I already watched some episodes but I did not really know which one’s I saw and which one’s I didn’t. I just started at season 2 and there is still plenty to watch.

Q: What is your favorite tvshow?


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