Back to fitness

Yes, I am back!
The last two weeks have been a little bit of a fail in terms of my fitness goals. After my 2nd race, and 1st 5k race on 21 april I did not do a whole lot. I did go running two times and visited the gym once. Not how I like it. But I now realize that I miss not to exercise. The two weeks that I took off have really given me the rest I needed. I tend to dive in full force, which means that since I started exercising again back in February I immediately exercised 4 times a week. The rest of the last two weeks have refueled me and I am ready to get back on track and accomplish my goals!

I just came back from a wonderful run. I am still training for a 10k race that I’ll be running in early June. It is only 5 weeks away so it is time that I woman up and keep to the schedule. Today I had to do a 6,44km interval run, with 2 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking. I really tried to push myself during the running stints and I ran really fast. Tomorrow I want to do a easy run and just focus on the milage rather than the pace. I’ll be running a race on Saturday with the boyfriend, a 4 miler. Excited!

I also got an email a couple of days ago that I was allocated a bib for a super popular running event that takes place every October in the city where I live. It is a 4 mile event and there are 10,000 people that run in the race. Initially I was to late for a bib and had to sign up for the waiting list. Since some people failed to pay for their bib I can now run the race!

So that was my quick post for today, see you later :)!


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