Life’s Snapshots 14/7/2014

Life's Snap Shots

Books are big part of my life. I love them! But there is more to my life than just books. Since I would like to share more than just books and reviews this is going to be a weekly feature, on Monday, in which I share some fun things and facts of the last week or things that are currently happening in my life.

  • The Provence is really as pretty as the picture I pulled from the Lonely Planet in last week’s Life’s Snapshots.DSC05539It is hilly and green and abundant and just plain gorgeous. There are fields of lavender and grapes everywhere and the little town seemed to be glued to the hills. Resulting in some pretty steep climbs. I am quite sure I have muscled legs when we get back.
  • Most French drivers have never heard of a turning signal at all. Not very convenient because Route National is riddled with roundabouts.. Luckily they are not as crazy as some Italian drivers!
  • Yesterday we went to a Crocodile farm. Not knowing what to expect I was surprised to discover a basin chock full of crocodiles. They were everywhere, laying on top of one another in big piles, eerily lifeless. Randomly counting a pile I already got to 57 but when I asked one of the staff members how many there actually were in the basin we were speechless. A grand total of 335 Nile Crocodiles, all from the same nest, so brothers and sisters. Never have I ever seen so much crocs in one place (and yes, I’ve been to Florida!) and I hope to never encounter so many in the wild!
  • Camping has been a blast so far. My boyfriend is quite new to camping so I was not quite sure if he was really going to like it. I’ve been camping for some years with my parents but they have always travelled with a caravan and we are now using a tent. Quite a difference in comfort. Camping is, however, totally worth repeating. I sleep like a baby at night and it is just so much cheaper that hotels. If we had been staying in hotels we would not be able to afford a second week, let alone a third!
  • If you are ever planning on traveling to the Provence and then in particular to the Vaucluse department I would recommend you visit Roussillon. The little town is known for its former ochre quarries. Consequently the picturesque little town is colored orange and a beautiful gem. Even more impressive is to take a walk in the former quarry, where two paths have been set out.DSC05602It was beautiful!

This was my week! What have you been up to?



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