Life’s Snapshots 4/8/2014

Life's Snap Shots
Books are big part of my life. I love them! But there is more to my life than just books. Since I would like to share more than just books and reviews this is going to be a weekly feature, on Monday, in which I share some fun things and facts of the last week or things that are currently happening in my life.

  • I WON MY FIRST GIVEAWAY! I still can’t believe it, as I never win anything. I participated in a Raffle copter for Anne Tidbits’ book Carrier and I won a t-shirt! I had already added it to my wishlist but now if just bought the book rightaway. Argh, I am so excited!
  • Today I’ll be starting work again! I have been without a job since November 2013. For a long time I could manage without, as in the Netherlands students get money from the government. However, you are only entitled to four years regardless of how far you have progressed in your studies. Next month I will receive my last payment and in order to have some money to pay my bills and food in September I’ll be working fulltime for the next two weeks picking berries. It is really the best job you can get in summer, because my wage depends on how much I pick. Which means the more I pick, the more money I am getting paid. The days will be long and it is really boring work but I can make enough money to last for a while.
  • I am staying with my parents now as this job is near where they live. So yesterday I packed for two weeks and caught a train to their house. IMG_2830[1]My kitty Bakso did not agree. I think he knows what is going to happen when a suitcase comes out. They know that one or both of us are going to leave. He tried to come with me by snuggling in my suitcase. Unfortunately he cannot come along :(.
  • My boyfriend’s birthday was last week! He turned 26, on 31st July, which means that he shares a birthday with Harry Potter! We celebrated with friends and family by having a bbq. Our garden is just really small and we had barely enough space to fit everyone outside but we managed. Just as we sat down it began to rain though, that was a bummer but luckily it did not really last long. We had hung some lights outside and we were able to enjoy the rest of the night with drinks and nice food.
  • Currently reading: One for the Money by Janet Evanonvitch, Voyager by Diane Gabaldon and Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. I am currently listening to the audiobook of Persuasion by Jane Austen on my phone.

Q: What are you currently reading?


4 thoughts on “Life’s Snapshots 4/8/2014

  1. Your first giveaway?? That’s great! I remember winning my first one and it was on Goodreads First Reads. A book called To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It was good 😀 I hope everything will turn out great for your job and that it won’t be THAT boring. 😛 Hhahaha, your boyfriend’s birthday is the same day as HP?? That’s so cool. 😉

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