My reading habits

I think that every reader has its quirks, their weird habits when it comes to reading. I certainly know that I have mine! Today I wanted to talk about a few of those and hear from you what reading habits you have :)!

  1. If you come into my house you are going to know right away which books I haven’t read yet. That is because I keep my unread books backwards on my shelves.IMG_2829[1]I know it is weird but for me it really visualizes what I have read and what I haven’t read. The rest of my bookshelves are categorized on height because that way I could fit the most book in one unit. I have limited space and no room for extra shelves right now so I have to make do with my current shelves.
  2. I detest marking my books. I do not write or highlight in my books and I hate books with broken spines. I have hard times in second hand bookstores because I only really want to buy those books that still look really new. I think that they just look prettier when they look new. I don’t mind that you can see that I’ve read them, because there is going to be inevitable wear and tear but I try as best as I can to look after them.
  3. I only read books that have a Goodreads rating of 3,5 stars or higher. I am willing to make exceptions when books get really, really good reviews by bloggers I know or if the book only has a couple of ratings. For established books (i.e. more than 500 ratings), however, I really don’t want to ‘waste’ my time on books that others have not liked. I know that 3,5 and 3 stars are decent ratings, but there are just so many books out there with 3,5 stars+ that I want to read first.
  4. I am always reading at least 3 books. I know that some people really thrive on reading one book at a time but that never seems to work for me. I like to read a lot of genres and I easily get stuck in a reading rut when reading just one book. A good example is one of my current books: Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. I really love the book so far but it has 870 pages and I needs to be read slow. I can’t just read that book so I picked up a contemporary to read alongside with it so that I have something different to read when I get stuck.
  5. I have an extensive excel spreadsheet to track my challenges and I constantly make lists with book I want to read. Right now I am working on 2 lists: 1971 Winner and Nominees of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award and I want to have read the first 50 books on the Best Ever Books list on Goodreads. In excel I keep track of reading challenges. I’ve only officially signed up for 1 challenge, the LGBT challenge here, but I participate in 25 other challenges unofficially. I just love to read outside my comfort zone and I find that challenges are the best way to do so. I also noticed that I get more reading done because challenges and list motivate me to read more.
    Excel Challenges

So these are my reading habits. Do you have some of the same habits or are yours entirely different? I love to hear from you in the comments!


8 thoughts on “My reading habits

  1. I am so weird, I give most books a 3, but still I do not want to read a book with a rating below 3,5 cos I know the rest of the world rates higher than me 😉 Their 4s are my 3s, lol

  2. The backwards books that are unread is actually quite brilliant – do you just grab one randomly as well? I should try that if you don’t cause that would just help get some of my personal TBR books read – but that would mean mixing some of them randomly on a shelf not in their genre categorized areas. Hmmm I must give this a try.

    • Sometimes I grab one at random but usually I have a pretty good idea where what is! It helped me a lot because it put into perspective that insane amount of books I haven’t read ;). I have sort of categorized my read books though!

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