Life’s Snapshots 11/8/2014

Life's Snap ShotsBooks are big part of my life. I love them! But there is more to my life than just books. Since I would like to share more than just books and reviews this is going to be a weekly feature, on Monday, in which I share some fun things and facts of the last week or things that are currently happening in my life.

  • I am done with working. I was supposed to be working for two full weeks but the berries were ripe very early this year. This means that there not any left to pick. I worked 6 days and made a decent amount of money. Although I would have liked to earned more, it is fine like this. My back was beginning to hurt from the akward position on the benches.
  • I won two more giveaway’s! All of a sudden is going like crazy. Both are ebook’s that I will get sent later, so you’ll see them show-up in a ‘Stacking the Shelves’ post later in the month.
  • I am missing my kitties and bf more and more everyday. It is nice to live with my parents for a bit again. I am not complaining that my mom cooks dinner and washing my clothes but I will be happy to return home again Wednesday. Although done with working I decided to stay for a couple of days longer so that I have some time to spend with my younger sisters. And luckily my bf keeps me updated about the kitties. At least once a day he sends majestic pictures like this:
    IMG_2845[1]Fenix is just such a pretty kitty <3.
  • Last weekend was so much fun! On Saturday my aunt and uncle came to visit and my parents were taking them out to dinner. I have two younger sisters and were not going to stay behind! We made reservations at another restaurant, a greek restaurant, that serves delicious meat dishes. We started with some Ouzo, a strong liquorice like drink, and had the most amazing food afterwards. We all took a starter. My choice was this platter with bread and dips and some ham:
    IMG_2850[1]We only had two main courses, because we are not very big eaters. It was fun to really get to talk to my sisters. We don’t often do things with the three of us :).
  • Sunday evening I finally went to see The Fault in our Stars in the cinema. I went with my mom and sisters, while my father decided that golf was way more important to watch, lol. The movie released about a month ago here but I promised my youngest sister that I would see it with her and now we finally had time together. Despite knowing what was going to happen it was still a really well-done movie. All four of us sat there bawling our eyes out. I will review the movie later this week :).
  • I am currently finished Season 1 of Doctor Who, which took me a long time to get into and Season 3 of 19 Kids & Counting, which is just a guilty pleasure. Sporadically I also watched some episodes of Gossip Girl, S3, and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which really reminds me of my youth!

And that was it for this week! What was the last movie you saw in the cinema? Or do you have some other movie recommendations?


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