Life’s Snapshots 08/09/2014

Life's Snap Shots

Its been some time. Here’s what I was up to the last weeks:

  • Uni started last week. The first week was kind of boring. I am in my last year of my BA American Studies and the first week is always introductions and the like. I was glad that week was over. Hopefully it gets better this week ;).
  • My younger sister moved into her own place. She has a room in a enormous building where only students live. She has her own kitchen, bathroom and everything. Basically a little house! She started Uni last week, so she’ll be living there for 3 years. She is very excited to life on her own! I visited her last Friday to see the place and it feels really homey :). We spend the evening chatting and the next day my parents stopped by to finish up some of the furniture assembly. I am glad she has now settled in!
  • I trying to get more creative. Last week I was browsing on of my local stores and found a 1 euro cross stitch project. I have never ever done cross stitching before so it was cool to try out. I am hooked now! When, last Friday, I saw more projects in the store, I decided to buy one. It is a pattern of an owl and I hope to cross stitch it onto a pillow. It will be a fun project to make the coming weeks :).
  • Yesterday I went to a bookexpo with my youngest sister who, just like me, is a massive book fan. It was basically a giant discounted book sale with all new books. Of course there were more Dutch books than English but still I was really surprised with the selection! I found some really bargains. Most books I picked up where 2 euros/3 dollars. So really cheap :). There were also loads of craft supplies so if I get more into crafting I can get my supplies there for a discount. The event was free to visit so that was a huge plus too. Since it is traveling expo it hosts an event each month. End of October there is one near me again so I hope I am able to go there then :). The majority of the books is still at my parents home so I will do a stacking the shelves/haul post later this week!
  • Right now I am going back to my required reading for tonight’s class. It a course on the history of Latin America with a focus on Mexico. Today we are going to talk about the Spanish Conquest. Super interesting! Flag_of_Mexico_1917

6 thoughts on “Life’s Snapshots 08/09/2014

    • I had never done it before so it is really now. It is great way to get my creative juices flowing! There are just so many things I can make :)! I would love to do some book related stitches next ;).

  1. I’m looking forward to my classes starting up next week, too! Even if it’s been very nice to have a long time off, I’m ready to start studying again now.
    Your sister’s apartment sounds really nice. I hope she’ll enjoy Uni 🙂
    I’ve never done cross-stitching either, the one craft I’d like to do is crotchet, no need for lots of supplies, apart from the crotchet needle and yarn 🙂
    I hope you’ll have a fantastic week, Jirrine, and that the Spanish Conquest course will be interesting.

    • I am just starting again with crafting so I hope to venture into knitting and crocheting in the future. I would love to be more creative and do projects :). The first two lectures in my Latin America course have been really interesting, unfortunately this weeks class has been cancelled :(. Thanks for stopping by Lexxie!

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