Life’s Snapshots 16/9/2014

Life's Snap Shots

Books are big part of my life. I love them! But there is more to my life than just books. Since I would like to share more than just books and reviews this is going to be a weekly feature, on Monday, in which I share some fun things and facts of the last week or things that are currently happening in my life. Welcome to the very first Life’s Snapshots!

  • Another week has flown by! It is unbelievable how fast time is going. The first two weeks of class are already over. Only 5 more weeks until I have 3 reading weeks. I have only 1 assignment due in those 3 weeks which means I basically have 3 weeks off! Super nice :).
  • Last weekend, a friend and I went to a local market. We had never been there, as it is apparently a once a month thing. They had all kinds of local food products, produced within 50 kilometers of the city I live in. I saw lots of great produce I really want to eat but it was all (obviously) a little bit more expensive that store bought products. I went for a small cheese wheel and some eggs. The man who sold them to me said that I would probably never eat other eggs ever again. I’ll have to wait and see if that is true ;).
  • Last Friday my bf and I got a chance to visit some of our friends that have moved away over the summer. All three of them have started new studies in a different city, luckily all in the same city or visiting them would have been hard! We saw their apartments and got the chance to catch up!
  • I have not been feeling all that well the last two days. I’ve been drinking lots of tea though and I have just spend some time in my bed reading. Hopefully I will feel better soon! Luckily one of our kitties want to cuddle all the time <3.
  • I am currently reading a super interesting book called Born in Blood and Fire, A Concise History of Latin America. It is required reading for one of my classes but it is written in a really engaging way. If you want to read something straightforward about the history of Latin America, read that book :).  8930010
  • I am researching some options for when I finish my BA American Studies in July next year. I am considering to study abroad, possibly in the UK. I have always dreamed about living somewhere else. I would like to do some literary related studies, preferably an undergraduate program. I have seen some great English & American Literature programs, so maybe I can make that happen. Fingers crossed!

I should really try to make some more pictures next week!

What have you been up to this week?


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