Movie Review: Divergent

maxresdefaultI finally saw Divergent this week!!! That was so long overdue. I have been meaning to watch the movie for so long, but for some reason I never actually got round to doing it. Until this week that is when I convinced my bf that I would be a fun movie to watch together :).

I liked this movie! As far as I can remember the movie was quite true to the book. In my head the books are all muddled together a bit, so I don’t quite know if a scene ended at the end of Divergent or at the beginning of Insurgent but it seems to me that the movie was well done and ended at a good point. I am really impressed by Shailene Woodley, as I think she is an excellent actress. It is, however, very weird to see her and Ansel Elgort as brother and sister after having see The Fault in Our Stars. But the other way around would have been much worse. It helps that Ansel has only a few lines in Divergent so is not really one of the main characters.

At first I was not a massive fan of Theo James (Four). He just has this really dark look about him, all the time. He was nothing like the Four I had in my head. But, over the course of the movie he really began to fit his role and in the end it is fitting that he plays Four. Theo and Shailene seem real together, so that makes it a lot more believable.

I would have liked to see more of each Faction’s characteristics. We see Abnegation wearing grey and Dauntless wearing Black and so on, but the scenes before the trials the Abnegation are just as outspoken as the rest. I would have expected their heads bowed, walking in long lines etc. There are some many rules that Veronica Roth created for the factions and they did not really implement that in the movie. The faction system is the entire basis of the Divergent universe so more could have been done with that.

I was however surprised by the wide shots they did of the city. It looks all so real and daunting. All the empty buildings, most with no windows, no people and no electricity… Those shots were really spooky! They looked great and really gave a lot of credibility to the movie :). I am really looking forward to Insurgent coming out in March 2015. Hopefully they manage to portray Insurgent just as well. Of course, it is a movie and not a 500 page book but still they did a good job.

What was really striking when viewing this with my bf was that he could predict a lot of things that were going to happen. He has never read the movies and I have not told him about them, but he new the bad guys, and a few other things that were really surprising to me in the book. I began to wonder if Divergent was really so predictable or if he is just really good at ‘reading’ movies. I don’t know. Hopefully Insurgent will be a little less predictable for him!


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