One Lovely Blog Award


I just received some really lovely news. Aida from Scripturiently nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! I am really happy that she likes my blog and thought it good enough to nominate me! I am not going to nominate other people (despite how flattered I am with the reward!!) because I just don’t have the time to do that. I will however list 7 facts about myself, one of the rules for this award :).

7 Facts About Me:
1) I like to spend my Sundays in bed, regardless of what I have to do that day. I eat, watch tv, read, do homework.. Basically everything, as long as I don’t have to get out. Perfect excuse to stay in pajamas all day <3.
2) I have an immense obsessing with lists. I have numerous reading lists on my fridge. I use stickers to mark the books I read (bonus fact: I love stickers!). There is something so immensely satisfying in crossing something of a list. I don’t only have book lists, I also have movie lists, restaurant lists, recipe lists, to do lists, gaming lists. I have a list of my lists (haha, just kidding).
3) History was (and is) my favorite subject in school. Since I have gone to university 4 years ago I haven’t done any history courses, which I really hate, but I hope to some history course again in the (near)future.
4) I am football fan. I try to watch all the games of my favorite football club Ajax. Unfortunately I live very far from their stadium, as in 2 hours away, but when I can I go to games. I just finished watching a game. They played awful but they took the 3 points home (which meant they won :))!
5) I have two younger sisters, 18 and 16 years old. You might know by now that my name is Jirrine, but my sisters also have a name starting with J. In fact, my parents also have a name starting with a J. We called ourselves J5. And all our names have a different vowel as a second letter. So Jo, Je, Ji, Ja and Ju. My parents spent a lot of time coming up with names!
6) I cry really quickly. If I see a sad movie or read a sad book, I can wail intensely. At times so much that I scare my parents and bf. They think that something really bad has happened and than I have to explain that a character in my book died. They find it hilarious that I can cry because of a book. I just see it as an amazing compliment to an author. I mean, if they can provoke such emotion, there book is darn good!
7) Like Aida I really like to game. A lot. I am currently playing Assassin’s Creed I, a game I have already finished before but wanted to play again. Since my bf is also an avid game, we own all the AC games so I just want to play them all after one another ^-^!

So, these were 7 facts about them. Again, I really want to thank Aida for nominating me :D. Go take a look at her blog if your are interested!


6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Gamers unite! Hahaha, awesome facts, I really enjoyed reading them. I also like football a lot, but it mostly hits me during the World Cup tournament (so this summer basically killed me, hahaha)

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