Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-thon Day 2

My Shelf Confessions

Day 2 Stats
Starting page: Page 138 of Anne of Green Gables, Page 1 of Dracula, Page 1 of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Finishing page: Page 148 of Anne of Green Gables, Page 14 of Dracula, Page 40 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Pages read: 64 pages
Book finished: –

I did so amazingly well on day 1 that it was bound to go downhill from there, lol. I had planned to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in it’s entirety but sadly that didn’t happen. My edition only has 96 pages so really it was a no-brainer one-day read but I slacked. A lot! Instead of reading I spend time watching make-up collection videos on Youtube and watching The Biggest Loser. Both are also really fun to do but not in the middle of a read-a-thon!! Today I am going to be good again. Although it is already 12.30 and I have yet to read anything today. I did however get a nice sleep in. Those are much appreciated ;). The plan for today is to finish The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, read chapter 2 of Dracula and start Where She Went by Gayle Forman. Should certainly be very doable!

To make myself feel a little better, these are the stats from day 1 & 2:
Total pages read: 298
Books finished: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Did your day 2 go better then mine?



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