Day 1 – The day after

Oh, I had so much fun yesterday :). Normally I like to spend New Year’s Eve inside, watching television and eating “oliebollen”, which are basically diep-fried doughballs. Low key. Omar (BF) and I were supposed to go to my parents this year, as we alternate between our house and my parent’s house every year. But since we just spend the week around Christmas with them we decided to celebrate New Year’s with friends. Around nine we went to my best gf house were we met with two of our friends that moved to Amsterdam last summer. They both are doing their masters there so I hadn’t seen them for a while. It was really nice to see each other, to talk and have fun. We had great drinks and we even had some fireworks so it was definitely a night to remember!
IMG_3775[1]We got home at 5 and I was so ready to go to sleep! And I slept pretty good, although I did wake up at 12. It nice to start the year off with the people I love. We had a great time and I definitely need to see them more often ❤

Well since this is day 1 of 2015, it is time to get back on track with real life, but as the same time remember to enjoy everything. Right now I am really enjoying that I can just laze in my bed and that I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. To balance out all the alcohol of last night, I started the day with some chicken broth and 2 green smoothies. Much better than more “oliebollen” and wine :).

IMG_3834[1]The rest of the day I am going to finish watching The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug because man, that movie takes forever! Battle of the Five Armies has been out of some weeks now but I wanted to watch 1 and 2 again before going to the cinema. They are a long sit though ;). My other plan is to kick off my reading for 2015 by starting World Without End by Ken Follett while taking a bath later, and make a meal plan for the coming 4 days. After all the Christmas binging it is time to work in some more vegetables in my diet again. Have a night January 1st night!


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