Day 2 – Bones & Juarez

This title might make no sense at all! I need to hand in a book review for a class that is due in 4 days. I started reading it today, which means that I probably need to do some binge reading for a couple of days. The book is pretty interesting; it’s a non-fiction war about the drug war in Juarez, published in 2013, so recent. It have now read about 50 pages and although it takes some time to get the who is who straight (I have difficulty with the Spanish names) the book, called Juarez: Heart of Mexico’s Drug War by Ricardo Ainslie, really gives a great insight into the situation in Juarez as it takes examines an event in each chapter and tie them all together to the larger drug war that is happening right now in Juarez and elsewhere. I haven’t finished the book by far but I am happy with my choice. I’d rather read something that I can actually learn from and that is interesting than a much drier book on economy. The class is actually really good too, its a class on the history of Latin America, and I have learned a lot of Mexico’s history in particular.
41n1AQjVdyL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Bones in the title refers to the television series Bones that I am currently watching. I really like police/detective series as they are perfect for on and off watching. I can watching 20 episodes in a row and than not watch for months and still remember what everything was all about. I currently on season 4, but I believe that there are about 9/10 season out so I have still a lot of episodes to watch. I have been watching an episode and then read 2 chapter of the Juarez book and time has been going really quick.

Time always goes quicker than I want it to go. I had this great plan to get up at 8 am this morning. I was pretty good with my bedtime lately so I had high hope of rising earlier than I have done in the past couple of weeks, but no luck. I snoozed 4 times and by the time I did get up it was 10. Well at least I tried, and I will do so again tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to get up at 9.45 ;). One of my plans today was to run, as I have a short race in a couple of weeks (the 18th to be precise) and I haven’t done any running for a few weeks now. Again, I tried but I couldn’t do more than 1,87 km, which is pretty bad. Well, I’ll go again on Sunday and see if I make it past the 2,0 km then. At least I am really happy that I did some exercising again, better than sitting on the couch. Next week I am trying to go to the gym again. I haven’t gone there for ages!

Another thing that I re-started today was an app I used a lot at the beginning of 2014. It is called Plant Nanny and it is really cute ^-^! It is basically an app that lets you keep track of how many water you drink by giving the water you drink to your plant. The more water you drink and thus give to the plant, the better your plant will grow. Since it a new year, it really want to get back to paying attention to my health again. Exercising and drinking water are two of the things I will try to keep doing!

IMG_3840So this was today so far. It is almost dinner time as you can see from the time in my Plant Nanny, so I need to get cooking! I am in the mood for food :). After the dinner Omar and I will finally go to the cinema to see the Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies, after I vetoed going 5 times. The movie starts at 20.15 and will probably be just as long as the other two but I am excited to see how it all ties together in the end! Have a nice night 🙂


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