Day 3 – Cross-stitching and picture-time

As I have no classes until February 2nd, I am now spending all my time at home. I do have some exams, essays and presentations coming up, but I do not have to physically leave the house for anything. On the one hand this is fabulous; I have loads of time, after done with my schoolwork, to watch television series, read books and work on some of my hobbies. On the other hand this means that I basically stay in my pyjamas all day. Omar left for work today at 11.20, but I stayed in my pajamas until 4 o’clock. At least I changed into normal clothes, instead of staying in sweats. Well, I shouldn’t really complain. I mean, how many people get the chance to be at home all day and do what they want?

So with all this time I spend some time working on an immense project. By chance I started cross-stitching back in October. One of the first things I started was a birthday present for my boyfriend who has his birthday the end of July (the 31st, born in 1988, the same as Harry Potter!!). I tried to do it in secret at first but I cannot for the life of me keep things like that a secret. I managed exactly 3 days before it became a hassle. The suprise element is gone but he still really likes to see how it comes together. So do I. The picture I stitching is of all 150 pokemon from the first Generation. My bf really grew up with the anime series and buys and plays the nintendo games whenever they come out. The thing is huge and takes a lot of time. Might not have been the most wise choice for a beginner, but luckily it is not that hard and I enjoy working on it a lot. To give you an idea of the size:

IMG_3525This is the finished upper row, which I finished in the beginning on December. As you can see it is big! This is only the first row of 6, and this one row took me about 2,5 months. I don’t have high hopes that the entire piece will be finished before the end of July but I really hope to get this finished in 2015. So today I spend working on it for a bit. I like to work on it while watching a series, today I watched two episodes of Bones, my fav series as of late.

IMG_3886[1]I am really happy with how it looks right now and I hope I can persevere and finish it!

One other project I like to accomplish this year is finally making photo-albums. I have so many pictures digitally and I just want to have something physical to page through. First I wanted to create online albums that you can get printed all ready made. But then it was looking at the prices and those things are crazy expensive. Especially when I have more than a 1000 pictures I would like printed. So I decided to do it the ‘old-fashioned’ way and I will just order photo’s to be printed and then I will make an album myself :). Much better and it will be fun to see them all while I am making the albums. Today I have been collecting and selecting all the pictures I want to have for December 2014. This meant that I had to get the pictures that were on my sisters’ phones and I hope to get one’s that are on my bf’s phone after dinner. Then everything is all ready to be ordered :).

Yesterday I had mentioned that I was going to finally see the last Hobbit movie but when we arrived at the cinema there were no more seats. This is the second time that happened, apparently the Hobbit is still really popular. We were smart enough to make reservations so we are now going to see The Hobbit tomorrow. Hopefully it will not dissappoint. So, dinner is almost ready and Omar should be back from work any moment! Tonight we are probably going to his soccer club to have some drinks with his teammates so that should be fun!

Happy Sunday tomorrow!


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