Day 4 – Post Crossing and Good Food

I am enjoying myself so far in 2015. If I can keep it up this could turn out to be a wonderful year! Yesterday I did not go along with my bf to his soccer club. I was just not feeling up to it as he said he had to stay late. In the end I was glad I didn’t go with him; he only came home at 00.30! Luckily we are going to do something fun later. Finally, we are going to see the Hobbit!

I love good food. But I am also a very lazy person. That means that I rarely feel like cooking. Which is a shame, because I like good food. Food is just better when you make it yourself, instead of ordering in or cooking with boxes. My goal for the month of January is to cook everyday that I am at home, so that I try new things and hopefully fall in love with my own cooking ;). Luckily January 1st I started off on the right track because that dinner was absolutely delicious if I may say so myself :). I love pinterest as a source for recipes and I found this amazing Chicken and Spinach pasta bake (the recipe is available via It was some delicious and normally I do not really like to have spinach. So a) the food I cooked was actually good and b) I found a good way to eat more spinach.
IMG_3837[1]On day 2 the food was not so good. I am trying to use some of the prepacked meal boxes that I have bought in 2014, because I think it is a waste to let them go to waste. I did not like that food at all. It just had no taste. We ate about a quarter and I put the rest in the freezer to give it to my mom. Hopefully she willl like it! Luckily, yesterday the food was good again. First I planned to make some chicken but that would mean chicken three days in a row, so instead I made a Mexican oven dish. One of our local supermarkets, Albert Heijn, published a monthly magazine with amazing recipes. I have been collecting the magazines for more than a year now and I never cook anything from it. This month will be the perfect month to change that! The dish was ground beef, with chili beans, tomatoes, corn, nachos and cheese. Perfectly good and really easy to make. And it was good budget food as the ingredients are not that expensive :).

IMG_3906[1]Doesn’t that look good? The pictures are little bit dark but hopefully you will get an idea of what it looked like. You can find the recipe here. Like I said, ideal if you like good food on a budget!

Another hobby I decided to get back into is Postcrossing. The idea behind the website is that you request an address of a random person that also has an account on Postcrossing. You then send a postcard with a nice message and a code to that person. When the person receives his or her postcard they need to register the code. The moment the code is registred your address will go into the database for another person to request. This means that you receive a postcard for every postcard you send. I have actively participated in the past, and I have sent about 150 postcards so far but for some reason I did not really continue to keeping sending them. That is a shame because I love to receive mail :). I hope to sent one every week this year, so that hopefully I will at least get nice mail once a week. Especially with everything that is going electronically, the times I get nice mail are few and far between.

IMG_3920[1]Hopefully my postcard will be liked :). I can’t wait to get some postcards back! Well, now I’m off to get cooking again. I really found a wonderful recipe on Pinterest: Beef Noodle Stir Fry. I am looking forward to it!


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