Day 5 – Lazy Monday

Usually Sunday’s are reserved for laziness but for me it was Lazy Monday. I had only one thing to do today and that was ‘write a book review’. I still had to read the last few chapters of The Fight to Save Juarez, which I did and then I wrote a 1000 word review on the book. I had never written an academic book review yet so I am not quite sure if I did everything ok, but we will see!

The Fight to Save Juarez was a really interesting book. I had expected the book to be full of facts, and numbers and lots of cultural theory. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality The Fight to Save Juarez is hauntingly real account of what life in Juarez was like under the leadership of the in 2007 elected mayor José Reyes Ferriz. The writer Ricardo Ainslie conducted interviews with multiple people across the social strata that were involved in one way or another with politics or narcotics in Juarez during that period. As many of you may know, president Calderón of Mexico, initiated the war of Drugs at the beginning of his presidency and the situation in Juarez has been unstable and violent since then. Reyes Ferriz had the difficult task of saving Juarez and give the city back to its citizens. That task seems immensely difficult to me. As someone who did not know a lot about Mexico, Juarez or the War on Drugs, this was a very good starting point. The book was easily accessible, it had no information dumps or difficult terms that I didn’t understand; instead it was clear and well written and very easy to read. The chapters were short, usually not longer than 10 or 11 pages and that ensure that the information Ainslie presented came in bit sized portion. At lot of the content of this book is extremely gruesome as it details real events committed in a real conflict. That is what made it such a good book for me. Ainslie did not dance around the bush but presented the facts in an engaging way. Information he got in interviews he conducted with all sorts of people, from the mayor to federal police and army personnel, to priests and social workers. I would love to read more non-fiction written like this, because despite the content I am really glad that I read this.

Luckily there are also happier things I can talk about! Yesterday evening I finally went to see The Hobbit and The Battle of the Five Armies with the bf. I was happy that it was significantly shorter than the other two. I really liked this one the best. I felt that it was much more to the point and had less filler scenes. Although the entire trilogy is gorgeously filmed (it almost looks like a documentary!) they are really long winded in my opinion. Therefore I was happy with the this last one as it had a lot more action. I really liked the battle on the plains in front of Erebor, the entire battle was more than 30 minutes of the movie! I am just amazed at the level of detail portrayed in the fights; they always seem really lifelike to me. In general I am just really a fan of the battle scenes in the Middle Earth franchise. The Battle of Helmsdeep from The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers is one of my favorite movie scenes ever!
07a_PB_03I also baked some cookies this afternoon. Well, they are not really cookies but they are very small and round, about the size of a coin. They are called ‘pepernoten’ (literally translated peppernuts) and they are a dutch cookie that is traditionally eaten before the celebration of Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas). After Sinterklaas, which was December 5th, they gave away the mixes that they hadn’t sold before the celebration. I took me a long while to make them but I am glad I did. They are delicous! Well there is nothing really more to report. I think I am going to go to bed and spend the rest of the evening either watching Bones or reading a book. Or both!

Have a great evening :)!


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