Day 6 – School and Yoga

I had such a nice day today :). The day started early. I had to get up at 8 to go to a class that started at 9. The last couple of weeks I slept in every morning until at least 10 so you can imagine that 8 was pretty early ;). I had to present in class because me and my groupmates had to present on a research question we’re working on. The class is called Transamericana and deals with all sorts of information about the United States. This course is a minor course, which I picked at one of my electives. As I am an American Studies student this course is pretty easy for me. I have had good grades for all assignments so far, so I am pretty happy. Today was no different. We scored an 8 (out of 10) for our presentation :). The paper that accompanies this presentation is due the 17th so there is still some time to get everything on paper and ready. Besides, I have three wonderful 3 people working with me on this thing so I am pretty confident that we will manage!

There is another assignment, however, that I have been dreading for a couple of weeks now. I really want to be done with my bachelor degree but I still have to complete the final phase, starting in February, where I do some final courses and write my bacherlor thesis. To gain entree to the last phase I have to phase a course called Rhetoric and Composition II, where they basically test your essay skills. I am pretty confident in my writing skills, as I never seem to fail essay assignments that were done for other classes but for some reason I cannot seem to pass any assignment in this class. I am doing the course for the third(!) time and it still is nothing working. There is one last chance for me to pass this course and that is to write a 2500 word paper due the 20th of January. I am so freaked out by it that I have hard time to actually sit done and work on it. Which is totally ridiculous because the only way I am going to even pass this course is by sitting done and work on the paper. Funny how my brain works the total opposite. But, I have decided that tomorrow I am going to work on it all day and at least finish a first draft of the paper. There was a really nice guy in my class that wants to proofread it and give me feedback so I hope that with his pointers I’ll be able to improve it and hopefully pass the course. Fingers crossed!

Then more exciting news: I went running again today, third time this year!, and I did some yoga for the first time in a long time! I really like yoga. It is a good way to challenge myself without over doing it. It gets me relaxed and it perfect for when I want to do something active without going all crazy. They offer yoga class at my gym but for some reason I didn’t go to the classes. With a new year comes new determination so I went to early afternoon yoga class. The teacher has changed since I last went but she had us do really nice exercises. Incidentally she did really nice and easy beginner poses so that I could get right back into it without feeling all awkward. I did however notice that because the class was during the day the other yogi’s were all significantly older. Actually was a super nice experience because I noticed that they were all very concentrated and much quieter which made the experience much more relaxing :).

So this was my day again. I’ll leave you with a picture of one of my amazing kitties. His name is Basko and he is one year old. He is also super cute!


I am also making this book a mission tonight. I have been reading Gone With the Wind for more than three months now and is taking me forever to finish. As you can see, the size of my edition is enormous but I am very close to finishing. It has 825 pages but luckily I am done to about 155 pages to go. I probably wont entirely finish the book tonight but I certainly will try to read some tomorrow in between my frantic tries to create a wonderful paper!



Thank you for your comment! I love to read them :)

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