Day 7 + 8 – Just a quick post

I have not a lot to tell you. Yesterday I spend the morning working on my paper, while one my kitties tried to sleep either on top of my arms or on top of my laptop. He was not really helpful, lol. Then unexpectedly my bf came home early, at 1 instead of 6. He had been sent home because the store he works was very quiet and they didn’t need two people in the department. He spent most of the afternoon watching all kinds of videos while I spent it cross-stitching and watching Bones. I am almost finished with season 4. I really like that show! I have also made a lot progress with my Pokemon cross stitch. I have almost finished page 6 (out of 30) so you could say that things are moving really fast ;). The rest of the evening was just spend quietly because after dinner the bf had to go to soccer practice so I watched more Bones. I did try to make more green smoothies. Since the first of January I have been drinking green smoothies every day. It is the perfect way to start my day and this way I get all my vitamins and minerals. It was pretty late in the afternoon before I went to the supermarket so I didn’t have a green smoothie for breakfast. To not break my streak of a green smoothie everyday I decided to make one late last night. I put in a grapefruit, because that is what the recipe called for, and it was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. I just do not like grapefruits! I felt pretty bad about it because I made a serious batch and I did not want to throw it away. I kept the leftovers, and I hope that my dad will want to drink it. Luckily I had some other fruit lying around with which I made a pretty good back-up. Streak is still going!

Today started late. It is so nice to lay in bed, just dozing when the whole world is already up and about. I know that I should really try to get up earlier. But this morning it was justified as I did not go to sleep on time. I was determined to finish my book first. Gone with the Wind, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, has been on my dresser for months now and I was so close to the end. Despite the light that was on my bf was already asleep so I had all the time in the world to finish it. It was so nice to sit down and just read without interruption. Reading is by far my favorite hobby but sometimes I forget how much I like to do it. Being done with Gone with the Wind gave me very mixed feelings: at the one hand I was happy to be done with it because the book is just so large but on the other hand I missed the sense of closure I get with other books. I think I have to take some time to really think about what the book is telling me. Nevertheless that was book 2 of 2015.

This morning we went on a social outing. BF’s grandparents live in the same city as we do but we don’t go there really often. I know we should go more often but it is one of those things that we both say that we will do and then it just doesn’t happen. But we had phoned earlier this week that we were going to stop by so we went. It was the most dreadful weather ever to go through. We do not have a car so we went there by bike. The rain was not hard when we left but despite that it was absolutely drenched by the time we got this grandparents’ place. I was not happy at all. But in the end I am glad we went. They are really nice people although they do live a little in the past. They have a respectable age and I think that a lot of people of that age would not live on their own anymore. They are 86 and 83! I hope to be still living unassisted when I am that age! They are really sweet people. They even gave me an early birthday gift. I was happy that they remembered! My birthday is tomorrow and so far I have not really felt like an ‘almost birthday girl’ at all. I did just ask my dad to pick up a cake for me so hopefully I feel more birthdayey tomorrow :).

I am now sitting on the couch at my parents house because I will be celebrating my birthday here tomorrow. It is just much more convenient that I travel here than that everyone that wants to visit me all the way to my house. All my family lives within an hour whereas they have to drive more than 2.5 hours to get to our house (the house the bf and I live). It is only logical to do it this way :). We had super funny food just now. I bought my mom black coloured spaghetti for Christmas and we just had it. To be honest it look really disgusting and a lot like worms. I did not taste any different from normal spaghetti. It is weird how much taste is associated with colour. If all my food would be black I would taste things a lot differently!

I think this is all for today. My mom and little sister want to go running in a bit and I feel not really up to it, but I think I have to go. I will see how it goes. Maybe I will surprise myself. Have a great night 🙂


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