Day 9 – 11 – (Post) Birthday

The last few days have been busy! It was my birthday on Friday (the 9th), and I turned 23 :). I did not have a lot of guests on Friday as my family likes to celebrate birthdays in weekends.I started the day with chopping off a large part of my hair. I had already meant for quite some time to get a haircut but when I was at the hairdresser I decided to go shoulder length. Almost 20 cm shorter I walked out. Initially I was quite shocked at how short it was but it has been amazing so far. I can actually wear my hair down all the time! I have had some great reaction on it to. Most people say that it really suits me :). I don’t know if I will keep it this short but for now I am happy with it.

After I went grocery shopping with my mom. It was a little hectic as I did not really prepare a shopping list beforehand. Might have been more convinient if I did do that.. In the afternoon we went to get my birthday gift. I was in sore need of a new pair of running shoes. I started running about 5 years ago and that is when I got a good pair of running shoes. You can imagine that after 5 years my shoes were not really doing the best job any more. I was reluctant to invest my own money into a new pair of shoes but with a birthday coming up I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to ask for a new pair of shoes. We went to a local sporting goods store, and although the choice was limited I am really happy with the shoes I eventually picked. I have really difficult feet, as they are really narrow but also quite big. I tried on some cool pairs of Mizuno’s but those were all way too big which was a pity. I went home with a pair of shoes which really had to grow on me. I initially did not want to have a pair of purple shoes but now I am really happy that I made this choice!


Asics Gel Pulse 6

I have yet to run with them but I am hoping that I will really notice the difference!

Friday evening I got a visit from a primary/high school friend which I hadn’t seen for 2 years. It was really nice to catch up and although we hadn’t seen each other for a long time it was just like it always used to be. No awkward moments ;). We spent a couple of hours talking and it is really fun to see how she has changed, but at the same time remained the same. I really hope to speak to her more often in the future!

Saturday morning was spent in the kitchen. I had to prepare for later that day because my aunts, uncles and grandparents arrived at 3 to celebrate my birthday! Birthdays are a lot of work in terms of the planning and time that goes into it, but I had an amazing time with my family. I did not get the chance to visit them as often as I like because it live far away (according to Dutch standards!) from most of them. When I am busy with school I usually skip birthdays. I hope to visit a lot of other birthdays this year! I have had some talks with my aunts and uncles and had one of my little nephews as a assistant in the kitchen. He always like to help with preparing and clearing and he is really independent so he is actually a great help! Unfortunately my bf had to leave last night to go home to our kitties because they had been alone for two days and he also had two soccer matches today. I am really going to miss him because I won’t be going home until the 19th. That is a lot of days without him.. :(. Fortunately I will be doing lots of fun stuff in the mean time so that I have something to preoccupy my mind!

Today was mostly a really lazy day. I spend all day in my pajamas as did my mom and sister. We have been munching on leftovers from yesterday and generally just lazed about. Wonderful to do that with people who I love. It has been useful to. Yesterday evening, all cozy in my blankets, I had already finished Let it Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson, a perfect winterread. Each author wrote his/her own novella and then they all came together in the end. Wonderful winter read!
18272314Right now I am reading The Gift by Cecelia Ahern. I am 80 pages in and it has been good so far. My mom read it a couple of weeks ago and she said it was kind of predictable. Can’t wait to see what I think! Then back to the fun thing I will be doing this week. Tomorrow morning my youngest sister, she is 18, and I will go to London for 5 days :D. She has been to London once before when she was 6 so it is safe to say that can’t remember a whole lot about the city. I have been there about 5 times now and I really like to go there because every time is different. We still have to pack our suitcases but then we are all ready to go! It is going to be a really early wake up call but I am so excited! It is going to be awesome!


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