Day 32 – Attempt 2

I did well for about 11 days and then the rest of the month I didn’t write anything at all. I am not really mad, I am just going to try again :). I did really nice things in January. It went to so fast that I can’t believe that 1/12th of the year is already over. February is here! In January I did the following cool things:

  • I went to London with my youngest sister. The last time she went there she was six so she couldn’t really remember a lot about the city. I have been there numerous times of the last couple of years but I enjoy going there every time :). It is just such a cool city. Next time I go I want to just take it slow and discover some new neighborhoods.
  • I managed to read 9 book in the month of January. Reading is my absolute passion! I have so many books on my shelves that I still have to read and I certainly started the year right with slightly decreasing my TBR. I also started the super daunting task of reading War & Peace. I am about 100 pages in, but my copy has more than 1300 pages so I am a long way of to finishing the book!
  • I celebrated my birthday, more info about that can be read in my day 9 – 11 blog. I am 23 now but don’t feel any different, which is usually the case with birthdays!
  • I struggled really hard with an assignment for school. I hope to start my final semester of school tomorrow but before doing that I still need one passing grade to get permission to start my BA thesis. A lot depended on one assignment, one that was due about a week ago. I worked a lot on that assignment, because it just has to be good. Only problem is that I still haven’t received my grade. Hopefully I will get it soon!
  • Last week I had an immense amount of free time! I like to laze around, just browsing on the internet and watch Netflix. My bf recommended Brooklyn Nine-Nine to me, so I have been watching that for the last couple of days. It is a really fun show. The episodes are nice and short and they cast is really well-chosen. I have almost finished watching season 1. Yesterday evening the bf and I also finished watching the first season of Elementary. The show is a modern-day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. It is really worth watching so if you haven’t seen it you should check it out :).

February will hopefully be just as nice as January, minus all the stress about the grade I still need. Hopefully I will be able to do the following in February:

  • Finish my attempt to complete Neila Rey’s 30 days of Change (I am currently 7 days in!)
  • Read 8 books in February. My War & Peace goal is to get to 500 pages.
  • Enjoy my time with bf in Antwerp. We are leaving tomorrow for a 3 day short break :).
  • Finish one of my cross stitch project. I have started several in January and I know I will be able to finish one. I have decided that I am not going to worry about how many project I started and have yet to finish. Instead I am just going to work on whatever fancies me at the time and hopefully finish one thing.
  • Tomorrow starts my experiment to get up at 8, 5 days a week. That sounds like a really easy task for most, as the majority of people probably gets up way before 8. But I haven’t gone to class for 6 weeks now so I my usual get up time is somewhere between 10 and 11. Hopefully I will be able to establish some kind of rhythm to become a little bit more productive.
  • Last thing I am really going to focus on is a personal challenge. My bf and I are probably moving within 6 month. Right now I have the feeling that our house is really full. My bf thought that the solution was to get more space for our stuff but I have decided that we should pursue another tactic: we should get less stuff in our space. The bf and I both have a tendency to buy a lot of things. A couple of years ago I got into nail polish, consequently I have now more than 100 bottles and that is after I already purged a lot I didn’t use anymore. I have already started purging our communal items such as things in the kitchen. I am just focusing on certain spaces and then I decided whether or not we really need things. I mean, we had 3 wooden spatula’s that haven’t been used in the 2,5 years that we live in this house. It is only 3 spatula’s but if we keep everything that we don’t use we will eventually get snowed under. So we have both decided that as a challenge we will both throw away or donate one item a day for 30 days. We have done four days already and we almost have a large shopper filled. After we return from Antwerp, I will donate the contents to a charity store.

So this is the plan for February. The last goal I will voice is that I hope that I will be able to write more than 8 blog posts in February. Baby steps. Who knows. I might be writing everyday in December ;).


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